10 Minutes - Rocking is the Best Job Ever

Hi. It's Joe.

I enjoy this. There is nothing easier than writing for 10 minutes a day. It's only 10 minutes, less time than it takes to go on a short walk. Plus, I can write about anything I want, whatever comes to mind.

Right now coffee comes to mind, because I haven't had any yet. I just got up, a bit earlier than usual because I have a lot of practicing to do this morning before noon. GUPPY EFFECT is having dress rehearsal today for the big show on Saturday. That means I need to have parts and lyrics all memorized.

I'm close already. But not close enough. My new band members Al and Stefan are awesome. They really put a lot of effort into the rocking. It used to be me who was the rock-n-roll super hero in my band incarnations, but with these guys I feel like I need to keep up.

My parents are coming to visit later this week. They might have the opportunity to come watch my other band, PEOPLE BROTHERS, perform. They have a show on Friday and if it is not too late for my folks, they will come.

I don't think I have anything today except GUPPY EFFECT practice. So this should be a normal work day. Two hours of solo practice in the AM, then four to five hours of full band rehearsal this afternoon. When you don't work for THE MAN, you can set your own hours and schedule. Today, I am working six or seven total hours, and I am starting around 10 AM.

So ram that up your ass, THE MAN. I hate you, and if you were a real physical man and I saw you on the street, I would kick you in your nuts. So stay clear of me.

I have about 30 seconds. I just want to say I love you all, and your coffee donations are always appreciated and consumed.


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