10 Minutes - Bowling, Darts, and Shuffleboard

Hi. It's Joe.

Yesterday was a full day of ROCK. I got up early and practiced songs for the big GUPPY EFFECT SHOW this weekend. Then Stefan and Al of GUPPY EFFECT came over and we raged through our three sets of music, and a handful of songs we call "pull-out-of-our-arse" songs - easy tunes we can use as filler if needed.

After band practice, we went bowling, but the lanes had been oiled for league play, so we couldn't bowl. We settled for darts and shuffle board. It was fun. My roommate Matt came with us. When we got home, GUPPY EFFECT (unplugged) performed a COUCH CONCERT, which you can watch part of below.

I dilly dallied during today's 10 minute free write. So I am actually out of time. But see you soon, OK?


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