10 Minutes - 5 Song Guppy Effect EP

Hi. It's Joe.

My parents arrived this morning. We are about to take our dogs out to the Jefferson County dog park so they can all run free and get acquainted. They have been acquainted before, but my dog Buddy has mental problems, and even though he knows a person or another dog, sometimes his reptilian brain overrides his reasoning abilities. It's quite remarkable to see.

He never does it with me, but even though my roommate Matt has lived here a good 4 months now, Buddy still greets him at the door with growling and barking. It is only when he smells Matt that recognition kicks in. Weird.

Anyway, my folks are going to come to the PEOPLE BROTHERS BAND show tonight for a little while. That should be fun.

I just created a 5-song GUPPY EFFECT EP that we will sell at upcoming GUPPY EFFECT shows for $5. It includes these songs...

1. Road Hoggg
2. A Face Like Yours
3. A Romeo and Juliet Thing
4. Hope for Humanity
5. Gingerbread (Zombie) Army

Most of these songs are available for download at BROADJAM. But the EP puts them all together in one location. Thus, it ends up being a savings in terms of fewer hassles and less time to get all the songs.

And you will want ALL these songs. They rock. HARD!

After the doggie park, I am going to rehearse GUPPY EFFECT songs for the show tomorrow night at REAL McCOYS in Delavan, WI. It's our first show of 2010, and it will kind of define the new incarnation of the band for all future shows. The REAL McCOYS crowd loves us, but we are going more heavily into the original music right now, so it's a bold move and I hope the good people of Delavan are open minded enough to recognize rock-n-roll genius when they see, hear, and taste it.


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