10 Minutes - Non-Stop Rocking

Hi. It's Joe.

PEOPLE BROTHERS BAND rocked a mighty show at Mr. Roberts bar in Madison WI last night. It was PACKED, because right next door to the bar is the Barrymore Theater, and they were showing a Pink Floyd Laser Light show last night, which ended around 11 PM. So a lot of the laser light show audience came into Mr. Roberts afterwards.

They were probably only planning to come in for a drink or two, but when they heard PEOPLE BROTHERS BAND, they stayed the whole night until we got done playing at bar time.

In fact, they wouldn't let us quit. The bartenders were mad at us, because we played until the clock on the wall read 2:22 AM, meaning they only had eight minutes to clear the bar of patrons and avoid legal ramifications. It was a blast though and we made decent money.

I slept in this morning, which I could ill afford to do, because I need to practice A LOT for a show I am playing tonight with GUPPY EFFECT. I always wait until the last minute to do stuff. It's a habit I learned in college, and which was always frowned upon by others, even though those same others were usually procrastinating last minute crammers themselves.

Come to find, in recent years, cramming and last minute pushes are standard, legitimate practice in the real world. In Tim Ferriss's "4 Hour Work Week," the author condones last minute cramming. In fact, he says it is the cure for procrastination. Why worry yourself with tasks when you know full well you won't complete them until the last possible moment when they are due? Instead, do other things, relax, and don't stress until you really need to put your shoulder to the grindstone and crank out the thing.

That is what I am doing today, practicing songs for 3 hours before the band comes over for a last minute rehearsal. You should consider coming to the show tonight, although I know it is a long shot that you live anywhere near Delavan WI. The show is at a bar called REAL McCOYS in Delavan. We start at 9 PM. It's FREE.


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