10 More Minutes - Cock Flavored Soup (Yum!)

Hi. It's Joe.

This is a rare 10 Minutes More post on the site. Technically, it is tomorrow, if I am still carrying over from yesterday.

I saw this at Teresa's house tonight, after band practice...

I posted it to Fail Blog.

My lower back still hurts from the balls to the wall rock-n-roll last weekend.

I met so many cool people at Festivus. I didn't know there could be so many beautiful and amazing people in rural N.E. Iowa. I guess I have just spent far too much of the last year with NEGATIVITY.

The PEOPLE BROTHERS saved me. I think they were brought into my life to swoop in and rescue me from the NEGATIVE NELLIES in my life.

It is simultaneously shocking and saddening when a person's true colors are revealed.

Also, self-actualizing to realize you are the good and true person you are.

Thank you UNIVERSE. You rock.

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