Thank You Jimi Hendrix

Hi. It's Joe.

I would like to thank Jimi Hendrix for giving me his post-humous newly released song "Valleys of Neptune" off the new record of the same name.

I don't just mean I thank him for writing and recording it before he died.

I am thanking him for actually physically sending it to me from the grave, via my friend Bryon in Iowa.

I was just on FACEBOOK asking for peer-reviews of the record before I downloaded some tracks. I was fully intending to pay for the downloads of songs I do not already have.

Then my friend Bryon e-mailed me the MP3.

I want to believe Hendrix watches me from above and appreciates my old school brand of hard-rocking in the face of modern mainstream pop drivel. He is my guardian angel, I am 99% sure, for a lot of things that have happened to me over the years involving him in some way.

So thanks Jimi. I trust you know that my band, GUPPY EFFECT, is going to try to cover it and play it live.

Then more people will get to hear your fabulous music. I am pretty sure you aren't too concerned about royalties wherever you are, and also that you wouldn't want the charlatans representing your estate to have any of them either.

Give me a sign if that's wrong.

Oh, and if it isn't too much to ask, maybe you can get GUPPY EFFECT's new song, "HOPE FOR HUMANITY," into the right hands for that movie soundtrack listing we submitted it to. We'll gladly give you credits.


Evan said...

I agree!

Joe said...

Evan gets a backlink!