10 Minutes - Astounding Scientific Discovery: Doing Unhealthy Things Makes You Unhealthy

Hi. It's Joe.

You know, sometimes it amazes me the kind of amazing new things science discovers.

For example, a recent study has shown that doing unhealthy things like smoking, drinking a lot, not exercising, and not eating vegetables, makes you unhealthy, and thus more likely to die. Oh, and guess what! The more of these bad habits you have, the more unhealthy you become.

Seriously? At what stage do scientists decide that they have enough evidence to conclusively say that bad habits are BAD for you?

Is this like job security for scientists? Do they have to put out a research paper every few months just to keep their jobs, even if the results of the papers are just reiterating what everyone pretty much already knows?

Can't they add a new twist or something, just to make it a little more interesting?

Do they think that telling people for the millionth time that they should not smoke, drink less, eat vegetables, and exercise is going to make them actually do these things?

Show me where this has worked at any time in the past in the United States. Cigarette and junk food manufacturers spend billions of dollars a year convincing people to sit in their easy chairs mass consuming beer and potato chips. Science just doesn't have the advertising budget to compete with that.

Well, hopefully this "new" study does some good to convince people of their early deaths at the hands of Philip Morris and McDonald's. But I remain highly skeptical.

Remember, the people who participated in this study ARE NOT YOU. You are going to beat the odds by smoking 3 packs a day and living to be 105. You go! Tell the WORLD!


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