10 Minutes - Busking for Books at the Dane County Farmer's Market on Saturday 4/17

Hi. It's Joe.

On Saturday April 17, 2010, a few of us Madison-area acoustical musicians will "busk for books" at the Dane County Farmer's Market (a.k.a., the Madison WI Farmer's Market).

It officially begins at 1 PM, right after the Saturday farmer's market ends. However, I and a few others will probably start busking at the farmer's market early in the morning and donating ALL the cash to help kids who "can't read so good."

That's over a week off yet. I just wanted to let you know so you can mark it down in whatever passes for a date book in your world. That Saturday also marks the first outdoor occurrence of the Madison Farmer's Market for 2010, so it is expected to be huge, and that means a lot of kids who would never be able to read in their life will now be able to, and you can help make it happen by donating your leftover farmer's market money to the people busking songs that day, after lunch.

Speaking of busking, I am late for a new open mic night I found out about. It is tonight above Fat Boyz in Fort Atkinson WI. I still have to shower and get ready. But like I have said many times, there is always time to make 10 minutes for a free write. And with that I am about done...


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