10 Minutes - Cinnamon and Diabetes

Hi. It's Joe.

On one of my other blogs, I posted about the effects of cinnamon on blood sugar control.

I was at Iowa State University in the mid-90s, working on my science journalism credentials (left there with a Masters degree, thank you very much...), when the first studies of the possible benefits of cinnamon on for blood sugar control came out.

Since then there has been enough research follow-up at various institutions to cause the nutritional supplement industry to begin marketing cinnamon supplements for "healthy blood sugar maintenance.

You see, the nutritional supplement industry isn't allowed to market nutritional supplements as treatments or cures for any disease. All they can say is that a given supplement "supports healthy metabolism" relevant to any disease state or condition.

So they leave it up to the consumer to figure out if the supplement can help them with a particular health issue. Thus, there is no cinnamon cure for diabetes.

But a cinnamon supplement might help a person maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

It's not a difficult logic leap to cinnamon as a diabetes cure or preventive. And when a supplement company literally names their product "Cinnsulin, it's pretty clear what they are trying to say.

I would not be surprised if the FDA calls them on this. Remember that energy drink called "Cocaine?" It didn't have any cocaine in it, but the FDA made them change the name.


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