10 Minutes - Commuting Doesn't Suck When Your Job Rocks

Hi. It's Joe.

I know, I know. I think I missed a 10 minute free write yesterday.

Actually, I'm not sure. Maybe I didn't.

In any case, my classic rock soul funkadelic band PEOPLE BROTHERS BAND decided to record an album. It's completely ill-advised and hastily planned, but I just play bass, so when they say show up to record, I do it.

I had to be at the recording studio by 6:30 PM. This meant that I had the pleasure of commuting against the traffic commuting from my prior job, the employer that I "fired" last year.

It is a great joy to be able to "fire" your boss for being a tool. It is an even greater joy to be able to commute to a job I love on my own timetable. That job is playing rock-n-roll music. It's a great job, fun and easy, albeit time consuming and for low pay. But being able to thwart THE MAN like I do...well, that's priceless. THE MAN can't touch that. All he can do is commute to his crappy job on someone else's timeclock to slave all day and make someone else rich. It's very sad, but THE MAN deserves it.

I was watching Carl Sagan's "Contact" movie today and reflecting on how my former boss was a lot like the Drumlin character in that movie, an arrogant, patronizing know-it-all who was almost always wrong, but too smug and arrogant to care.

I want to be able to give PhDs the benefit of the doubt, but almost every one I've worked for or with has been a tool (there are exceptions, but these are usually PhDs from other countries who are much more humble and human). I think this is mainly because academia and business don't mix. When PhDs get hired by businesses, they just screw everything up. Academia is the place for intellectuals who are better than everybody else (or think they are). When they get into the business world, they just alienate people, because the truth is they are not better than everyone else. They have a narrow skill set and oversized intellects, which makes them think they are superior to everyone else.

But in the real world, everyone has a skill, a talent, a super power. PhDs aren't special in the corporate arena. They are just team members. As soon as they start acting like superiors, they are doomed. They suck the life force out of everyone around them and no one wants to work with them, except under duress, which leads to horrible morale problems and cognitive dissonace as people do distasteful things out of fear of reprimand or job loss.

That's why I had to "fire" my boss. I couldn't swallow the BS anymore.


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