10 Minutes - Enema for Health: The Coffee Enema Cleanse

Hi. It's Joe.

Did you know there is a common recognized colon cleanse therapy that involves liquidating your butt with coffee?

Yeah. It's for real (although "legit" is probably too strong of a word...). It's a colonic enema using coffee. I first heard about this treatment when I worked in R&D at the vitamin company years ago. There were a lot of hippy trippy types and coffee enemas were, and still are, all the rage on the alternative health care scene, and these practitioners are gung ho to tell you all about the therapeutic value of a medical enema. I learned more than I ever wanted to (which was very little).

What's news to me though is that now there is a brand of shitty coffee (no pun intended...or maybe it was, I guess) that markets itself to the coffee enema set.


Say what you will about coffee enemas and the one-way directionality of the human rectum, it's impressive to me that a coffee manufacturer, recognizing the inferiority of its product as a beverage, would see an opportunity here and change their target niche entirely. A lot of businesses might have just flushed their product idea down the toilet (no pun inten...oh, never mind!). But not these guys.

So if you are into medical enema giving or receiving, check them out. But do NOT tell me about your coffee enema experiences. I do not want to know.

Unless you are a trained "therapist" named Fraulein Gretchen...


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