10 Minutes - Exposure PR and Targeted Internet Marketing

Hi. It's Joe.

I did two (2) 20-mile bike rides this weekend. One on Saturday and one on Sunday.

I am sorry I have been lax on the 10 minute free writes the last couple of days.

I have no excuse. Like I said before, I can always find 10 minutes.

I just didn't want to. I had two awesome rock shows with classic rock soul funkadelic jam band PEOPLE BROTHERS, and they kept me occupied.

Then there was the biking. I also had coffee with my friend Sherry on Saturday morning. She was on her way to the Cambridge Public Library to pick up a book on the new rules of marketing and PR for the Internet age, which I had recommended to her.

It's a great read and explains really well how people no longer have to rely on THE MAN (corporate controlled mass media) to get their message out to audiences.

This is great news for independent musicians who either can't or won't deal with THE MAN's exploitative business models. You can just START A BLOG and get the word out to everyone with a computer, assuming you can draw them to your blog and attract their attention.

And that is exactly what the NEW RULES OF MARKETING AND PR are all about. How to attract attention, and thus web traffic, to your site.

I find it odd that WORDPRESS is so negative when it comes to search engine optimizing (SEO), and they don't allow blogs that are thusly optimized. I mean, that's what Internet Marketing is all about. You want content that is relevant to your readers so that when they search GOOGLE, your web site or blog is more likely to get a hit.

It's logical. It's the way the Internet is supposed to work. I think GOOGLE and WORDPRESS might be at loggerheads on this. I side with GOOGLE. When someone searches for my web site, I want them to find it. And for that to happen, it has to be search engine optimized to a particular topic or niche market. What am I missing?



Sherry said...

Hi, Joe,

Great post and thanks for mentioning me! What a great book recommendation, thank you!

Have you heard of the EFF? I think all of us bloggers should read about their rights and consider putting EFF's badge on their blog sites: http://www.eff.org/badges

Thanks and keep writing!

sparx said...

Wait, what?

The Wordpress platform is EXCELLENT for SEO. Wordpress.com (a free host for Wordpress blogs) is against heavy affiliate marketing, because such sites tend to lean towards very spammy practices. But that's pure policy.

The way Wordpress creates category, tag, and post pages, and the way they are linked together creates a potential for AWESOME SEO without the user having to tweak or change anything.

Joe said...

Yes, I agree, in practice. Nobody would debate that it's an awesome blog tool for SEO. But then they say this on their site:

SEO blogs: Blogs that are written for search engines instead of humans. These blogs are dedicated to trying to fool Google and other search engines into ranking them or the sites they link to highly. WordPress.com is not meant for this type of activity.

WP is so meant for this type of activity. Search engines are just tools that humans use to find what they are looking for, so SEO'd blogs are going to get into human hands quicker.

I don't know that one can distinguish between a blog designed for a search engine vs one designed for a human, since the intent and end user is identical. It wouldn't behoove anyone to SEO a blog that would be useless to a human, since human action is required to be of any use to the blogger.


sparx said...

I think they're using the term "SEO blogs" as a synonym for spam blogs. Well written and organized content is SEO content. They don't want the junk posts that link to other sites/affiliate program, and they want a clear "we can boot you" in your policies.

"SEO a blog that would be useless to a human, since human action is required to be of any use to the blogger."
Not necessarily. A junk post, possibly just gibberish of keywords, could be heavily SEO'd with the intent of becoming a quality backlink for another site.

Joe said...

Ah yes. The meta level backlink.