10 Minutes - Garden of the Gods

Hi. It's Joe.

I'm still in Colorado.

My sister's new house is within eye sight, if not ear shot, of the Garden of the Gods, a pristine (except for all the humans infesting it) and sacred scenic area with these big slabs of red rock that shoot up into the air.

I'm a little bit surprised that they still call it Garden of the Gods. Since Colorado Springs, CO is such a bastion of fundamentalist right-wing Christians, I thought for sure by now someone would have petitioned to re-name it "Garden of the One True God (Subtitle: Whose only begotten son, Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, died for ours sins...)."

But no one has yet, and that's a good thing.

My sister teaches art out here. It doesn't get much cushier than that. Well, it does actually...

She teaches at Colorado College, a university that uses a "block system" of classes. Students take just one class intensively for 3.5 weeks. This means my sister doesn't have to multitask as much as professors at other academic institutions do. She can focus on just teaching the one class and not have to shift focus until the 3.5 weeks is up.

I like the sound of that. I am not a multitasker either. It is much better to work on one thing intensively to get it done and get it done well. Quality trumps quantity in my view.

Anyway, Kate (my sis) is teaching her class right now. In about 20 minutes she gets a break for lunch and we will go get something to eat. In the meanwhile, I am cranking away on one of the office computers in the Art Department of CC where she works. So far, no one has needed to get on the computer so I have been uninterrupted. That's sweet.

I keep making money with my free business cards adwords campaign. Good stuff.


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