10 Minutes - Glass Nickel Pizza

Hi. It's Joe.

It's Monday. That means it is open mic night at the Come Back Inn in Madison WI. I don't know what is going on at Glass Nickel Pizza in Madison tonight. I only put that in the title because Market Samurai tells me it is a BOMB keyword for a blog title, and it doesn't hurt to pepper it into a blog post either.

Glass Nickel Pizza does have excellent pizza. They also host live music, although as I said, I have no idea if they are hosting it tonight. But I am sure their pizza is as excellent as ever tonight. So if you are hankering for pizza, visit them. You can even ORDER A PIZZA online, which is probably why the Internet traffic is so good with them. If only they had an affiliate program...

Anyway, Come Back Inn is where I will be tonight from about 9 PM until midnight. I will probably eat some $0.50 cent tacos. I will definitely rock the mic. You should come.

I am going to see if my band, GUPPY EFFECT, wants to attend and perform unplugged. Maybe I can get a few friends to go too.


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