10 Minutes - My Vacation is Almost Over

Hi. It's Joe.

As promised, I am cranking out a 10 minute free write, just before I go to bed on my last night of vacation in Colorado. It is actually 11 minutes after midnight, so I am backdating this to yesterday at 4:20 PM. Then the post will look like it was posted at 4:20 on 4/20.

In the morning I will chill with sis in the AM before she has to go to work teaching at the local college. Then I will cruise up to Denver in my rented car and fly non-stop back to Milwaukee to resume my awesome rock-n-roll and writing life.

I could write all day long, as I have said before. It is kind of an addiction, although a good one with no side effects and even some income associated with it. Music is an addiction too. I guess this is what happens to a guy when you don't drink or do drugs. All that extra brain power has to go to something. In my case it is music and writing, and when I don't feel like doing those things, which is rare, I go bicycling or running.

I had my first real taste of making money while I sleep. It wasn't much - only $87 - but I went to sleep and woke up with extra money in my pocket. It was fairly simple to do. I basically just helped other people sell stuff and got a kickback. They call it a commission, but it's a kickback. Why? Because I like the word kickback better. It sounds like something more under the table and less legitimate. It's hard for me to feel legitimate about making money selling someone else's products. I have no store, no inventory, no work hours to keep, no clients to call, and they give me money. The product, if you are curious, is free business cards.

You are probably thinking, "Wait! How does Joe make money selling something that is FREE?"

Well, it's called AFFILIATE MARKETING (or sometimes Web Marketing) and it's more than I can explain in 10 minutes, but let me just say it is easy and you can do it as easily as I can. CLICK HERE.


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