10 Minutes - No Lost on ABC Tonight and I Feel Empty Inside

Hi. It's Joe.

I don't even have cable, although my roommate Matt does. He gave me an open invite to watch whatever I want on his high-def wide screen TV, any time I want. But I'm polite.

So I watch episodes of Lost (Season 6) online at ABC.com a couple days after it airs for everyone else. I know, that makes me seem like a technophobic loser, but I'm really not. I know a lot more about pop culture and technology than most dopey pop rock stars who all have handlers that do everything for them. I also surround myself with technology geeks, so when there is something I don't know how to do, I can ask. But then I ALWAYS try to do it myself once I have the info, unlike spoiled pop stars who have everything done for them so they can party.

I have to admit, I got high today...

RUNNER'S HIGH, ha ha ha!!!

Watching Lost online also allows me to free myself from network television's broadcasting agenda, which is oriented to market products at certain demographic groups at a particular time of day. See how I thwart THE MAN just by my every day activities?

But today, THE MAN thwarted me, by failing to broadcast the expected (nay, desired...) next episode of Lost. I feel like a promise has been broken.

I'd give you a Lost synopsis, but I can't. The best I can do is to tell you that it includes a fictional research institute called the Dharma Initiative that I don't even think is a big part of the plot, except that they somehow opened up the door to whatever the place is where everyone is lost. All the Dharma Initiative people wear these Dharma jumpsuits. Are you lost? Good. I guess they named the show appropriately.

What makes the show so kickass and simultaneously consternating is how nothing ever gets answered, yet everything clearly fits a pattern of some kind.

The writers of Lost are geniuses. At least, I think they are. The conclusion of Season 6 will tell. This is why having ABC skip an episode is so alarming. I want answers. I want to see how they tie up all the loose ends. Time travel is a theme of the show, and a theme that very few TV shows or movies have ever handled well. But the Lost folks seem to be doing it by following parallel universes, which is a cool concept, and validated by modern physics experiments.

But I got a big fat F in physics in college, my only grade lower than a B. Granted, it was just the basic Newtonian physics of thermodynamics etc., but still not my strong suit. I know what tachyons are from Star Trek - they are particles that move faster than the speed of light and thus move backwards in time, theoretically allowing for time travel and communication back through time. I read "The Dancing Wu Li Masters" but I am way out of my element here.

If you don't watch Lost, good for you. It takes a lot of brain power. If you do watch Lost but have gotten a bit behind on episodes, you can catch up at ABC.com, where there is a complete Lost episode guide.

You can watch full free episodes of Lost there. There is also a Lost Wiki somewhere, where you can get much needed background info and facts about Lost you may have missed from the shows. There are even wikis for all the characters - a "kate wiki," a "sawyer wiki," a "jack wiki," etc. I'm honestly not even sure what a wiki is, but I'll bet the same could be said for a lot of pop rock stars, and if they can make a fortune being dumb, so can I, right?

A lot of people think the character Kate on Lost is super mega hot. Maybe she is, but I don't think so because she looks a lot like my sister, who is also named Kate. So, yeah, blech!

And guys, don't be asking me to meet my sister either. I will punch you.

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