10 Minutes - Rock-n-Roll Parties

Hi. It's Joe.

The thing I love about playing in a band is that we ARE the party.

What I mean is, a bar is just a bar, and a jukebox is just a jukebox. But a live band makes it a party. It makes what would otherwise just be a watering hole into a fully functional party.

That is what I love about playing in a band.

Madison WI's greatest rock-n-roll band, GUPPY EFFECT, rocked a potent show at Up North Bar in Madison tonight. It was touch and go on if our drummer was going to show up. He did, albeit late. We were worried we were going to have to rock a semi-acoustic set, which would have been alright at the Up North, where things are a bit more chill, but I really wanted to bring the thunder (softly).

Our drummer Al was able to ease back the throttle a bit on his thunder, so overall it sounded pretty good. It's hard to play drums softly, from what I can tell of drummers. But it is also a skill and some drummers can do it really tastefully which I love, almost as much as playing in a band.

Ashlee came to the show tonight. She has a good time. We really need to fully learn her song so we can play it at shows. Ashley did not make it to the show tonight. I thought she was going to. Ashley is Matt Alba's girlfriend and cohost of college radio show Enter The Medicine. I think she would have enjoyed it. But it was her 21st birthday party last night and I think she might have been out super late, and thus tired. But that's speculative. Anything could have happened to preclude her from one the the best rock-n-roll shows ever performed.

I know you think I'm either kidding or exaggerating. I am doing neither. But for popular opinion to sway our way, we are the next Led Zeppelin.


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