3 Minutes - Last Full Day in Colorado

Hi. It's Joe.

I don't have time right now for the full 10 minute free write. That's not to say I won't do it. Just later today, not right now.

It was a furious day of hiking and chilling, picking up a bunk bed from Goodwill and getting fixings at CostCo for the big party at Kate's house tonight.

OK, it won't be a big party exactly, just a couple people coming over and some grilling.

And therein lies my frenetic dash to write something quickly for you lot.

Kate went to pick up my niece and nephew at Day Care, leaving me to prepare burgers for grilling and a smedley of vegetables. My understanding is people will arrive some time between 5:30 and 6 PM. It's now 5 PM and I have to hustle...

But I have not neglected my daily 10 minute free write. I said I would do one every day and even though I have neglected it in the past, today is not going to be one of those times.


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