30 Minutes - David Sedaris and Hugh Hamrick

Hi. It's Joe.

I went and saw David Sedaris tonight with a friend. He spoke at the Overture Center in Madison. I hope that one day I can stand before people and entertain them by doing no more than reading from my own book. It was better than stand-up comedy.

I first read "Naked" by David Sedaris commuting on the Metrarail train to North Chicago IL when I worked at Abbott Laboratories as a fresh newbie technical writer out of journalism school (Masters degree thank you very much!), naive to corporate America.

His writing is so hilarious that I would often burst into uncontrollable laughter on the train, startling the poor brain dead, coffee drinking, WSJ reading business commuters, who scowled at me for enjoying my morning commute far too much.

The show was inspirational. Nothing more than him reading his own work and commenting on it, hilariously. He is so humble, but incredibly entertaining. Watching and listening to David Sedaris, I realized it is OK to sit around all day writing. You can even make a living doing it, if you have some talent and a lot of motivation. Practice is 90% of talent.

David Sedaris inspires me to write and do it with all my might. I hope I can one day be as good a writer as him and stand before a sold out concert hall reading my own work. That would be awesome!

I have also read "Me Talk Pretty One Day" by David Sedaris, equally awesome and funny. I want to read more, but those two books are definitely classic David Sedaris, essential to any bookshelf and/or coffee table.

David Sedaris is openly gay, and his boyfriend is Hugh Hamrick. I only put Hugh's name in the title and mention that fact because his name turns out to be an excellent keyword for search engine optimization. I want people to read my writing on this blog, maybe even SUBSCRIBE FREE or donate a coffee, although I don't care if they do. So David Sedaris related keywords that attract search engine traffic are going to bring people here who are perhaps interested in what I have to say. Logical. But I should probably thank Hugh Hamrick for letting me exploit his name for purposes of generating readership. Thanks Hugh! Your boyfriend is awesome.

I won't lie to you. My general business model behind this Joe's Coffee Fix blog is to eventually make passive income through coffee donations and affiliate marketing commissions by doing a minimum of 10 minutes of (albeit high quality) writing work each day. Writing that is interesting enough to make people want to come here and read it. More than 10 minutes is optional, if I am feeling saucy. But just think of it...

If I can show writers that they can make a decent living just by blogging 10 minutes every day, allowing them to pursue their dreams while getting cash from happy generous readers and THE MAN by selling other people's stuff, why not?

Is this so wrong? It's reality, and entertainment to watch and see if it can be done. Initially, your gut tells you this is exploitative. Is it? How am I exploiting you? I'm not controlling you. I believe you have free will and a mind of your own. You enjoy reading what I write here, right? That is why you are still reading, right?

So there are a few banner ads floating around on the page. They may be annoying or distracting, but I'm not spending my 10 minutes of free writing time encouraging you to click on the ads and go buy stuff. I just put ads on here for things I use and/or endorse. It's all stuff I am fairly passionate about, and you might be too, in which case it's easier for you to fulfill your desires here. Win-win.

I don't care if you do anything but read and enjoy this site. I don't want you to do anything else. My goal is simply to write and share it with you.

I love writing, and its a passion I share with David Sedaris. It connects us. It makes us brethren.

My main goal is for my writing to touch you. If I have done that, you may or may not feel like rewarding me with a coffee donation or SUBSCRIBING for free to this blog so you can read tomorrow's diatribe and the ones to follow - like I said, it's entertainment and you can watch my writing mature and develop as I rocket to fame and fortune (HA ha!). But whether you do or don't, it won't slow me down one bit. I write. I was born to do it, and I'd rather do it than work a real job for THE MAN any day. You might want to throw me a bone of support just to vicariously thwart the assholes in your life through me. That's fine too.

But maybe you resent me for "firing my boss" and choosing to pursue my dreams of writing (and music). Then maybe you won't visit this site and you won't donate coffee to my cause. OK then. That would be your loss, and I don't want any haters visiting this site anyway. It doesn't affect me one bit what you decide to do, because you are FREE just like me, and there are a lot more lovers in the world than there are haters, so I'm not too worried. Which one are you?

10 minutes is a small % of my busy day. I am happy to contribute 10 minutes (or more) of my time to write for you and to anyone else who stops by. All I want is for you to enjoy reading. And if you keep doing so because you like it, then I have succeeded. My readership is guaranteed, and thus my continued success. Tell a friend!

That is my only motivation. Your pleasure.


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