30 Minutes - Good Running Shoes Get You Going But Bicycling Gets You Where You Are Going

Hi. It's Joe.

I wouldn't actually say I like exercise.

But I like the way I feel after exercise.

It fills me with euphoria, especially after I go for a run.

I guess this is the "runner's high."

And I like how I look after exercising for a few weeks.

I burn off all that winter fat and I look all toned.

I definitely like bicycling more than running when I am doing it.

Running is harder than bicycling.

But the post-exercise "high" feeling after bicycling is negligible compared to the one after running.

So I guess this is the cost/benefit balance.

You have to work harder to get a better "high."

The nice thing about the exercise high is that it's not addictive.

This is also a down side.

I know I should run or bicycle daily.

When I make the time and do it, I feel awesome.

It is the motivation to actually do it that is lacking.

Once I get my shorts and running shoes on, then I am past the point of no return.

But I do procrastinate so to get to that point.

It's like my subconscious mind tries to run down the clock until I don't have enough time to properly exercise.

I usually need about an hour to run, including prep and cleanup.

It's about two hours for bicycling because I have to do it for longer to feel like I get the same workout.

It is harder to burn calories bicycling.

I think it is because you are coasting downhill about half the time on a bike.

But with running, you still have to run, even on the downhills.

Also, I am pretty sure division by pi (3.1415...) factors into bicycling somehow.

That is probably why fitness experts equate bicycling 10 miles with running 3 miles (actually 5K, which is 3.2 miles and close enough to pi in my reckoning).

That makes sense to me.

I also like to run at the dog park with Buddy.

When I do that, I need about 90 minutes, to factor in the 20 minute drive each way.

No, I definitely do not have a bicycling or running addiction.

Running makes me overheat sometimes.

Even if I jump in a cool shower after a run, it is not enough to cool me down and when I get out of the shower I start sweating again, totally defeating the purpose of the shower.

If I go to the dog park to run, then I can open the windows of the car on my drive home and I am usually cool by the time I get home and shower.

The down side of that is that I sweat all over my car seats, notwithstanding the seat covers I have on them.

I am an amateur runner and bicyclist.

I do both for fun.

I don't know what's the best running shoe or road bike.

I don't care.

My running shoes work fine.

My bicycle works fine.

I don't read running shoe reviews.

I don't listen to bicycle pros when they tell me how awesome their $5,000 bicycle is.

Mine was $500 when I bought it 15 years ago, and it's never had a problem getting me from point A to point B at a decent speed.

Trek road bikes are cool, but I don't have one.

Last night I biked to Lake Mills with my friend Erin.

She rides a touring road bike made by REI.

We ate pizza at Timber Creek in Lake Mills.

It was yummy.

By the time we got back to my house, it was dark.

We watched the DVD of my RAGBRAI trip in 2006.

I think it convinced her to go.

My bicycle team is TEAM CRAZY BIRD from Portland, OR.

2010 is a RAGBRAI year for us.


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