1 Minute - A Shameless Rock-n-Roll Promotion (you know you love it...)

Hi. It's Joe.

I'm just doing my civic duty to save humanity through rock-n-roll music...

My fairly kickass rock-n-roll band GUPPY EFFECT submitted a catchy tune called "A Face Like Yours" for consideration to be in a major motion picture - Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (starring Michael Cera - the boyfriend from Juno).

Since it's about a rock-n-roll super hero (sort of...), we figured it was a perfect fit for GUPPY EFFECT.

Would you like to see/hear GUPPY EFFECT in a movie? If so, you can help in two (2) minutes or less (and for FREE). I'll make it easy for you...

1. Visit www.indierockvstheworld.sonicbids.com by CLICKING HERE.

2. Click "Vote Now."

3. Confirm your vote via e-mail.

That's it. You can vote once every 24 hours totally for free, so just whenever you think of it, OK? Maybe bookmark www.indierockvstheworld.sonicbids.com and set a daily reminder on your Blackberry/iPhone/What-Have-You to go vote for us. (NOTE: Voting is NOW through May 28, so don't wait too long!)

If you are really geeked about this, tell two (2) friends (and so on, and so on...).

Wouldn't it be kickass if our song was in a movie?

I humbly thank you for your votes, but if that's too much effort for you, then just check out GUPPY EFFECT's brand new cult classic holiday rock single release "Gingerbread (Zombie) Army" now available to the world via AMAZON and iTunes and all other online digital music retailers. This holiday rock song is only available online as an MP3 download. But if you come to a show, we will have a limited number of CD singles that we will give away FREE.

If you like good ol' fashioned rock-n-roll, you really can't lose with GUPPY EFFECT, Wisconsin's funnest party rock-n-roll band.

I know I still owe you nine (9) minutes.


sparx said...

Or they could just go here and then click "Vote Now": http://www.indierockvstheworld.sonicbids.com/BandDetails.aspx?b=14316&sr=false&bn=Cactus+Joe+and+Guppy+Effect

Joe said...


Or here - http://bit.ly/9BvRLG (same link, only shortened...)