10 Minutes - Are Invisible Bikinis or See Thru Bikinis Any Different Than Just Being Naked?

Hi. It's Joe.

My topic today is that very small swimsuit we all know and love, the thong bikini. OK, just bikinis in general. I favor the thong variety, but that's my bias mainly because my awesome rock-n-roll band sells branded thong underwear, very stylish and super sexy. That's a pic of it over there on the right. If you click on it, you can learn more. You might also be pleased to know that my rock-n-roll band often gives one of these away at every GUPPY EFFECT show, by way of prize drawing. So if you favor this type of sheer underwear, you ought to come to a show.

Back to the topic. I can't go very far with this one, except to say we have come a long way with respect to sheer swimwear in the United States. In fact, I think we are probably behind the curve, because of the large cohort of Puritans who live here. Some parts of Europe around the Mediterranean Sea have done away with swimwear altogether, at least the top half. They would probably love our rock-n-roll band thongs over there. We don't sell the top half. Maybe we should. But then it becomes a bathing suit, rather than a thong, and unless we are playing at a beach party somewhere (which does occasionally happen - we are playing on a pirate ship on July 24), that's not going to sell very well.

My grandma used to wear one of those full body skirted swimsuits. Don't get me wrong, that was a GOOD thing. I loved my grandma a lot, but no one wants to see their grandma in a bikini. I don't care who you are. For old people, vintage swimwear all the way I say.

But for most other female, healthy, attractive, young people, I say buy a bikini and wear it proudly.

Small bikinis, large (but not too large) bikinis, invisible bikinis, Brazilian cut bikinis, purple polka-dot bikinis, even micro g-string bikinis (if you qualify...). Flaunt your sheer swimwear with pride and buy a bikini today.

It's almost summer time, you know. Let's make 2010 the YEAR OF THE BIKINI. Are you with me?

Also, please only wear a maternity bathing suit if you are an expecting mother. These things should be thought of much the same way as you think of a hospital gown, a functional piece of apparel with no fashion appeal whatsoever. This is probably common sense, but I know you've been to the mall, right?


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