10 Minutes - Best Dating Websites: Is Plenty of Fish Cool?

Hi. It's Joe.

Worlds Largest Sugar Daddy Dating SiteI am not the person who should ever write an Internet dating guide. But I won't lie. I've tried Internet dating.

It used to be a thing that was stigmatized a few years ago, and you never spoke of it publicly. There were always horror stories of men pretending to be women, and various other kinds of pervs.

But then it started working for some people, and caught on for a while. It was OK to tell people you met your date on the Internet. Sometimes, the people were even good looking.

Now it is just something that is broken and doesn't work, like most other Internet trends.

They are hot for a while, then they become obsolete. Now Internet dating is spam-laden and stupid.

With Internet dating, it was Plenty of Fish that broke the mold, the free Internet dating site.

Does anyone pay for dating sites anymore?


It's a waste of money, when there is a free site that does all the same stuff and is easier to use. Since it's free, there aren't any extra fees when you want to message someone you like - you just do.

Do I know how to get dates on Plenty of Fish? No I don't. At least, I rarely get them. So I can't really put in any kind of strong plug for Plenty of Fish.

My last relationship, which lasted one day shy of a full year, started via Plenty of Fish. It was the strangest relationship ever. But, it also lasted a year, which is longer than most of my relationships.

Beyond that, Plenty of Fish hasn't yielded squat. That said, it has yielded more than Yahoo personals, the dating site (that costs money) I was on before I found out about Plenty of Fish. Yahoo personals yielded negative squat and cost money. Nothing infuriates me more than the trickery of some web sites to get your money.

With Plenty of Fish, at least what you see is what you get. It's a crude but functional user interface. Searching is easy. Messaging is easy. Screening people is easy. And it's FREE.

Yahoo personals was NOT easy and it cost money. Logic dictates.

Plenty of Fish is spammy. But the spam is all up front and out in the open. The creator of Plenty of Fish definitely knew that Internet dating consumers are not stupid. Sure, in our minds, we want to date hot horny MILFs. But everyone knows hot horny MILFs aren't on the Internet. They have better things to do. So trying to trick people into clicking through to the web site of hot horny MILFs "waiting for you" is really dumb.

Plenty of Fish is full of hot horny MILFs, masquerading as, well, mild-mannered, prudish MILFs. Therein is the secret to Internet dating. And like I said above, I am the last person you should ever listen to when it comes to Internet dating.


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