10 Minutes - Fruit is Better Than Juice is Better Than Cocktail is Better Than Drink

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Woodstock Farms Organic Juice Concentrate - Pomegranate, 10 ozAll fruit juices are not created equal. I learned a lot about fruit juice when I worked in R&D at a nutritional supplement company.

I am not sure how much the general public really knows. If you have ever looked at the nutrition label of a bottle of juice, you might know that only 100% fruit juice has no added sugar. That is not to say it doesn't have sugar. It has lots of sugar, but it is all fructose (or fruit sugar) that comes naturally from the fruit. It isn't added in the form of sucrose or high fructose corn syrup (Would you seriously consider drinking corn juice? Yuck!).

However, juice is a form of refined food in the sense that it is refined from fruit. The fiber content of a piece of fruit helps to slow digestion of the fruit sugars in the fruit. This means that fruit raises your blood sugar at a slower rate, which requires your body to produce less insulin to handle the fruit sugar.

When you drink juice, even pulpy juice, the fruit sugar is free from the fiber matrix of the fruit, which means it is absorbed much faster and spikes blood sugar and insulin levels in the blood. It's beyond the scope of this post, but insulin is a hormone that the body should only use in small amounts. When it is secreted too often in too high of a quantity, the body becomes insensitive to insulin, and this can lead to type 2 diabetes or metabolic syndrome. This is why eating a lot of sugar is generally bad, as is drinking it via juice.

100% fruit juice still contains a lot of the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals of the whole fruit. This makes it healthier than fruit juice cocktail, which is the industry name for beverages containing 25% or less of actual fruit juice and 75% or more water and sugar. In cocktails, there is some juice, but most of it is sugar water, and that's awful for your body's metabolism over time.

Fruit juice "drink" is basically sugar water flavored to taste like the juice it is named after. It has almost no nutritional value.

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