10 Minutes - Galaxy 15 Satellite is Now "Zombie Satellite"

Hi. It's Joe.

Ever since my awesome rock-n-roll band GUPPY EFFECT recorded our cult classic rock holiday song "Gingerbread (Zombie) Army" (available at AMAZON), I have been more cognizant of zombie-related topics on the Internet.

This one is kind of cool, shared with me by Tracy Janzen.

Apparently, a very powerful telecommunications satellite named Galaxy 15 in orbit around the earth had its "brain" fried by solar flares. Except, the only thing it lost the ability to do was communicate with its earth-bound human handlers.

It is still fully functional, and apparently capable of "parasitizing" other satellites it encounters in earth orbit. What makes this all the more thrilling is that the Galaxy 15 "zombiesat" has left its original orbit and is now stumbling randomly about inner space looking for nearby satellites to infect.


Even more so is that this renegade satellite carries the signal for cable TV's SyFy channel. It's a cream dream.


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