10 Minutes - I Rode My Bike So Far I Almost Puked

Hi. It's Joe.

Closeout sales at NashbarI went on a long hard bike ride today. I can't tell you how long, because I don't keep a bike computer on my Bianchi road bike. But I can tell you it took me three (3) hours and it was hot, and I was riding continuously almost the whole time.

I can't complain too much though. There weren't any great big hills and it wasn't windy. In fact, most of the ride from Cambridge to Whitewater (which is where I rode to) I had a slight tail wind. Although this was a slight head wind coming back, it wasn't too bad.

I decided to ride to Whitewater because I wanted to stop at the pet store there and see if they could special order me some salt water fish for my marine aquarium. You see, I have this cool marine aquarium. It's called a BIO CUBE and it is pretty sweet.

It is like a self-contained marine ecosystem, minus the oil spills (sorry, I could not resist). However, for a while I kind of let it go and a bunch of algae built up inside of it. The one single fish, a 3 striped damsel fish, never seemed to care. But last weekend I totally cleaned every inch of the goddam thing. I had been dreading it, but it wasn't as hard as I thought (is what she said). I had put the single lone fish in a bucket of sea water from the pre-cleaning tank, so as not to shock it with the fresh clean "Instant Ocean" sea water I mixed up to replace the rest of the mucky old water. I left the hermit crabs in the tank though, they can survive anything. Anyway, the water in the bucket must have gotten too cold over night because little fishy croaked it. So now I have this pristine beautiful looking salt water fish tank, but no fish. I want to remedy that.

BargainsSadly, though, the pet store in Whitewater no longer deals in fish and they are soon phasing out livestock altogether to become just a supply store. I think that's a great idea. Animals should be free in nature.

Anyway, I then biked all the way back to Cambridge. I think I got a little dehydrated. I feel OK now after drinking some juice and eating some potato chips (salt). I thought I was going to puke when I first got home. But a shower helped.

Now I am off to Fat Boyz open mic night in Fort Atkinson and if I get there in time it is $6 all you can eat chicken wings. It's my one vice and my one day a week to totally F up my arteries with lard. Fun!


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