10 Minutes - It's Home Improvement Time at the Cactus Joe Rock-n-Roll Empire

Hi. It's Joe.

On principle, I like to take Mondays off.

This is largely a poke in the eye to the loser boss I had to "fire" last year who was a dick about flexible schedules (and most other things). I love being self-employed.

I don't actually take Monday "off." That makes it sound like I sit around playing video games and generally slacking. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

In fact, I mowed the entire lawn today. It's a two hour operation, because I have a huge yard. I also had to go and get gas for the mower at the local gas station. On my way to do that I deposited money in the bank, mailed a business document, bought groceries (redeeming three excellent coupons, which I will get to in a minute), and stopped at the local library to help in their fund raising efforts.

The last few times I went grocery shopping, I got some sweet coupons. One was for a FREE half gallon of Silk's newest pseudo-milk product - ALMOND MILK. There was another one for $2 off same. So for about $1.55, I scored a full gallon of Silk Almond Milk. One half gallon is vanilla flavored, the other plain.

Of course, with this much almond milk on hand, I had to also buy an overpriced box of Golden Flax organic cereal, which was like $4.50.

I don't use pseudo-milks for much besides adding to my coffee, so there is no way I am going to consume a gallon of almond milk in that way before it goes bad. The cereal will speed things up a bit. Even so, I still saved about $0.50 per half gallon of almond milk. That stuff ain't cheap. I guess Piggly Wiggly is trying to develop a consumer market for the stuff. It worked on me. I know I should have probably redeemed the coupons one at a time, but the expiration date was fast approaching and I tend to be an "immediate gratification" type of person, to my demise.

Almond milk is super healthy for you, because it comes from almonds, which are healthy. However, I was reading the label on the Silk brand almond milk and it looks like they add a lot of unnatural shit to make it look and feel more like DAIRY milk. Why do they do that? That suggests a poor understanding of their BUYER PERSONA, which is most likely someone who doesn't particularly like dairy milk for whatever reason, and doesn't want to be reminded of it. Cuz if they liked dairy milk, they'd just BUY IT, because it's a lot cheaper. I guess there could be a few lactose intolerant people who desperately want to feel "normal" by drinking something that is akin to the sweet forbidden secretions of a cow's teet.

But don't you get the sense there are probably statistically more vegetarians and animal-rights people looking for an alternative to dairy milk than lactose intolerant people? The latter would probably be better off just taking a lactase supplement.

Whatever. Locust bean gum is one of the additives in the Silk Almond Milk. I don't trust that stuff. It's basically a thickener, I think. The almond milk has a thicker consistency than soy milk, or even regular dairy milk. It doesn't feel that natural to me. The thing I like about almond milk is the lighter texture, kind of like skimmed DAIRY milk.

The third coupon was for $0.75 off two (2) half gallon jugs of healthy blueberry/pomegranate juice by Minute Maid. The stuff cures everything and makes your brain 10 times more powerful. See, I can make that claim because I'm not making or selling the stuff, just drinking it.

Anyway, that was my Monday. I still don't feel 100% since my cold, so I skipped the Monday night bike ride in Madison this week. It's sponsored by the Madison Area Outdoor Meetup Group.


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