10 Minutes - Ronny James Dio Rock & Roll/Tenacious D Film

Hi. It's Joe.

A sad, but not unexpected, day in rock-n-roll yesterday.

Ronnie James Dio, of DIO and BLACK SABBATH fame, died.

It always sad when a rocker dies. I liked RJD as Dio. I didn't especially care for him in Black Sabbath. Black Sabbath for me was always Ozzy's band. When Dio joined Black Sabbath, it sounded more like Black Sabbath playing Dio covers.

But I liked Dio as Dio, the melodramatic good vs. evil power rock was unique and great. I really liked the scene in Tenacious D's "Pick of Destiny" where the young Jack Black has a divine encounter with rock god Dio, who inspires JB to pursue his life's dream to rock.

CLICK HERE for Kickapoo by Tenacious D lyrics.

If you would like to watch Tenacious D perform "Kickapoo" live, CLICK HERE.

I think my band, GUPPY EFFECT (the "greatest and best band in the world?") should do a "Kickapoo" cover version in tribute to Dio. And also just because it is a good song.


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