10 Minutes - Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: Your Votes Are Working

Hi. It's Joe.

The software that I use to optimize keywords in my blogs is all wonky and they haven't updated it yet. So I am kind of hoping that by repetitively including the title of the indie rock film "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World" (due out in theaters in August) along with a few rational keyword ideas, maybe Google will like it and give these posts some rank.

I suppose I can also back link to my prior posts with similar titles by making reference to indie bands in movies and the like. But I don't want to over do it.

Anyway, I play in an awesome rock-n-roll band called GUPPY EFFECT. I wrote a song for the band entitled "A Face Like Yours" that I thought would be a good fit for the movie, the Sonicbids listing for which was requesting indie rock band music submissions.

I am not yet sure how the makers of the movie are going to incorporate the winning indie rock band(s) into the film PR, which is probably pretty near completion. All I know is that the winner is determined by peer-review voting and that it is super easy to vote.

And I would like you to go and VOTE FOR US right now. It's easy and free and takes less than one (1) minute to do.

I'd also like you to VOTE FOR US every day (when you think of it) from now through May 28. After that date begins ROUND 2 of the competition, in which my band (when we win ROUND 1) will have to make a music video of epic proportions, using film footage from the movie, presumably provided by the movie's makers.

That's all I am asking of you, readers. Just click your mouse a couple of times in support of my band.

I can tell you this. In two (2) days of voting so far, we have moved up the ranks from #43 to #30. So your votes do count and we do have a good chance of winning. Think positive. We are #30 out of 100 bands. Not bad. We already made the cut of being selected to compete, so they must have liked something about us.


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