10 Minutes - Side Effects of Kava Kava Tea: Kava Anxiety

Hi. It's Joe.

Yogi's Kava Special Formula Tea 16TbagsYesterday, I wrote a short blog post about kava kava on my CJ Scientific Communication site. I was talking about kava kava effects for reducing stress and anxiety, calming nerves, and aiding sleep. I also wrote about the possible side effects of kava kava on the liver and some possible reasons for it. My conclusion was that if you buy kava kava tea, and consume it infrequently, you are unlikely to have any adverse side effects.

Then I started thinking, kava kava is supposed to reduce anxiety, but everyone is so worried about side effects from kava kava that this creates it's own "kava anxiety," totally defeating the purpose of kava kava.

So I am going to use this blog here to add to my other post and say, don't drink kava kava tea or take any kava kava supplements if you are worried about it. Because that will cancel out the effects. Just buy kava kava and don't worry about it, and maybe you won't even need to take it, if that is the only thing you are worrying about in the first place.


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