10 Minutes - So Tired...Must Sleep...

Hi. It's Joe.

My weekend was action packed. It actually started Thursday night. Classic rock soul funkadelic jam rockers PEOPLE BROTHERS BAND recorded a bunch of songs in a makeshift, but quality, recording studio Thursday and Friday nights for an upcoming commercial CD release.

Saturday night, high energy indie power trio rock-n-roll band GUPPY EFFECT performed at 1850s Inn in Juneau WI. We were almost a power duo. I came to find out on Saturday morning that our drummer Al had no intentions of playing the show due to a trip to Israel. Thanks for the warning there, Chet.

But luckily, PEOPLE BROTHERS BAND drummer Greg was available to sub. Thank God it was a paid gig. Guitarist Stefan was able to rent his brother-in-law's utility van for the gig, so we all three piled in with the gear and cruised up to Juneau, where we rocked a great show.

My bass guitar student Troy and his wife (I want to say her name is Samantha, like the witch...) came to the show and Troy jumped up on stage to perform three songs with us (Paranoid by Sabbath, Werewolves of London by Warren Zevon, and Forcefield, an easy original song that I wrote). He did awesome. I thought he was going to have some stage fright, but he had none. He will be an awesome bass player someday, better than me I am sure.

Then on Sunday, I went on a group bike ride in Madison WI at 1 PM. After that Stefan and I rehearsed GUPPY EFFECT songs with Eric Shackelford, drummer for Aaron Williams and the Hoodoo, who will be subbing on drums with us at Brink Lounge in Madison WI on Wednesday May 19 (from 9 pm to midnight, if you want to come...). We rocked a good 2.5 hours with him.

As if that wasn't enough effort for one weekend, today I decided to ride my bike from Cambridge WI where I live to nearby Lake Mills WI to go to the bank and what have you in the early afternoon. That was followed by another group bike ride in Madison WI at 6:30 PM. I probably logged about 33 miles of biking all told today. It is easy to love Mondays when you are self-employed. I purposefully make Mondays my relaxation day, just to thwart THE MAN.

But that still wasn't all. After the evening bike ride I went over to Come Back Inn in Madison WI for open mic night and Stefan and I rocked a bunch of rock-n-roll songs for the handful of appreciative patrons. GUPPY EFFECT really is the best rock-n-roll band in the world. I am not one to toot my own (or my band's) horn. But this band is worthy.

Some day we will find a drummer we can keep.


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