10 Minutes - Vintage Acoustic Guitars: My Guitar Appraisal

Hi. It's Joe.

I swear to God I did not choose the topic of "Vintage Acoustic Guitars" because it is one of the examples in Ed Dale's 30-Day Challenge.

Actually, I just got an e-mail from an old RAGBRAI buddy who helped develop a vintage acoustic guitar company called TWO OLD HIPPIES.

They look like wonderful instruments. I wouldn't mind having a really nice (read expensive) vintage acoustic guitar to really augment my solo work, instead of the cheap-assed (but very playable) Jasmine by Takamine that I now use. Even a used acoustic guitar that was in great shape and played kind of awesome would be cool with me.

But deep down in my heart of hearts, what I would really like to find is a sweet acoustic vintage bass guitar. One that just plays like magic, with low action and a warm sound with zero fret buzz. A 4-string acoustic bass would be great, but to find such an instrument in a 5-string variant would blow my mind.

I didn't see any acoustic bass guitars on the TWO OLD HIPPIES site. They did have a couple of nice vintage bass guitars, but they were electric bass guitars. These would be decent additions to my bass arsenal. One was a 60s Fender Jazz Bass and the other a 60s Fender Precision Bass. Lovely old vintage bass guitars. However, I already have a pretty sweet vintage Fender Jazz Bass, so I can't really justify buying another, even if it is better. If I was independently wealthy, I'd have a bass guitar room.

Where can I find an ACOUSTIC vintage bass guitar that is Cactus Joe worthy? That is what I need to know. I know they exist. I need to find them. Maybe next time I visit my sister in Colorado Springs, I will go down to that acoustic guitar shop and see what they have.

I am the kind of musician who needs to hold, feel, and play an instrument before I will invest money I don't really have in it. I can't just buy one off the Internet and hope it is right. That's convenient for cheap acoustic guitars, when I just need a functional axe. But when it comes to any kind of vintage acoustic guitars I am going to perform with, I need to know that I can become organically ONE with the instrument. Only then will I know that my performance is as close to perfectly in harmony with the cosmos as it can be.

Man and wood.


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