2 Minutes - Who Needs a New (Free) Coffeemaker and (Free) Travel Mug?

Hi. It's Joe.

Get Your FREE Coffeemaker and Travel Mug Today!I love coffee. You love coffee.

So I thought I would share this deal I found with you. Gevalia Coffee is apparently giving away a FREE stainless steel coffee maker if you buy any four (4) of their coffees for just $19.95. You also get free shipping and a free travel mug with the deal.

It's kind of like how my cell phone service provider gave me a FREE Blackberry Curve (retail: $349) in exchange for signing a new two year contract with them. I have been with them for like 15 years, so that was kind of a no brainer.

And there is the rub with this free coffeemaker deal. As with my cell phone company, there is always a catch with stuff like this coffeemaker deal. To get it, you have to join Gevalia's coffee club, and even though there is no fee, no minimum purchase, and you can quit any time (according to their Terms and Conditions), you may not want to join unless you really love coffee and want it delivered to your door every 4-6 weeks on a schedule you determine.

They do have a lot of kickass sounding coffees. If anyone reading this has tried Gevalia coffee in the past, please comment below to let others know what you think of them.

You might not need a new coffee maker, but it could be a sweet gift for a coffee-loving loved one. You could keep two of the four coffees and give them two along with the coffee maker. Father's Day isn't too far off.


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