5 Minutes - I Don't Need a Fancy House, Just MY House!

Hi. It's Joe.

I love my house. It is perfect in almost every way. It's only negative characteristic is the guy living in it. ME!

I could do more to make it look pretty. I could get more done on the yard. I could clean more often.

But structurally and functionally it is my dream house. It's laid out just right. It has a music room and recording studio and lots of living space far away from the music space, which is nice when I need quietude or the family comes to visit. It's well-built and insulated. I couldn't ask for a nicer place to live, even with the longer commute to Madison where most of my job opportunities in music are.

I would like to keep on living in my house. I am self-employed, so even though I am in no danger of having to sell this house and move to someplace smaller, there is always a slight concern in my mind that economics might make me have to move away from my perfect dream house. That's why I focus on multiple income streams, like renting part of my awesome house to my roommate, Matt.

One of my other income streams is getting coffee donations via this awesome web site. I do my duty daily to maintain this site and share my world view with you. If you can spare it, please donate. Some day it might be the difference between me staying or leaving my awesome house. In any case, it all goes to a good cause - building my rock-n-roll empire of musical benevolence.

I never understood why some people need a mansion that they never live in, and even when they do 95% of it is unused. Is that just a display of wealth? Do those people get laid more often for having that much wealth? I've heard otherwise.


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