1 Minute - Schecter Basses: The Schecter Riot 5 Bass Guitar

Hi. It's Joe.

Yesterday, I posted about how I love to hate the Musician's Friend "Guitar Buyer's Guide," mostly because I am a "guitar-wanter" not a "guitar buyer." Guitar wanters should stay far far away from the Guitar Buyer's Guide.

But, in any case, I looked at it. I'm over my initial consternation. Now I am just going to wistfully admire the Schecter Riot 5-String Bass that is on close-out sale for 50% off.

Schecter Riot-5 Maple Burl 5-String Electric Bass Guitar NaturalĀ¹ Schecter Riot-5 Maple Burl 5-String Electric Bass Guitar - Natural

CLOSE OUT SALE - $599 (marked down from $1,349 just to taunt Joe)


10 Minutes - Note to Self: "Always Recycle Musician's Friend GUITAR BUYER'S GUIDE Issue Immediately Upon Receipt..."

Hi. It's Joe.

Why do I do it?

When the GUITAR BUYER'S GUIDE from Musician's Friend comes in the mail, I know full well it should go straight from the mailbox to the recycle bin without passing GO and collecting $200 from my bank account.

But it's like I'm powerless. On a few occasions I have been able to muster the will power to toss the shiny, candy-like screed in with the old phone books and my roommates "mountain" of Dew cans. But rarely...

Usually, I page right to the bass guitars and wistfully gaze at all the basses I don't own, but want.

Breedlove Atlas Series Solo BJ350/CM4 Fretless Acoustic-Electric Bass Guitar Natural Breedlove Atlas Solo BJ350/CM4 Fretless Acoustic-Electric Bass - Natural

I have plenty of basses. I have no unmet need for bass guitar either. Most of the music I write and perform is easliy handled by the four (4) or five (5) basses I currently have. These include:

The Washburn Taurus 5-String Bass - my main workhorse.

A custom Carvin 6-String Fretless Bass - for those rare funkified breakdown jams.

A Dean Acoustic/Electric Bass - for living room jams and semi-acoustic rock shows.

An Upright Bass - for bluegrassy stuff and the occasional jazz standard.

A Fender Jazz Bass (American Issue) - for old school slap bass and when I just want to take it easy with four (4) strings instead of five (5).

I probably have another bass or two floating around that I have forgotten about.

Anyway, even with all my current bass guitars, I was still drawn to the Breedlove Atlas Solo Fretless Acoustic/Electric Bass (shown above) and were it not for an extreme shortage of cash, I would seriously consider buying it.

While I have the Dean acoustic/electric bass mentioned above, it's a rather crappy instrument, and it isn't fretless. I got it mainly as a beater so I could accompany the many guitarists I know during acoustic jams. It has come in handy for many a Farmer's Market busking experience, but I could do a lot more in the acoustic bass mileu I think, if I had the Breedlove Atlas Solo.


Palatino VE-550 Electric Upright Bass SunburstThen, for a long time I have had my eye on the Palatino Electric Upright Bass in sunburst finish. That's a pic of it on the right. Click on it to see a larger image.

I don't have any idea why I want this bass. I suck at standup bass, and rarely even play the old school authentic one that I have. I suppose if I had a beauty like this though, I'd practice it all the time and be a master acoustic bass player in a very short while. At least, that is what I tell myself.

In any case, it doesn't change the fact that this is all wishful thinking until I achieve my goal of independent wealth. I am working on it, and the more you read my blogs, the closer I get, so THANK YOU!

If you feel I am a worthy enough bass player to deserve one of these fine instruments, buy me a coffee, and I will divert the donation into a fund aimed at getting my hands on one of these. Or maybe this...

Schecter Riot-5 Maple Burl 5-String Electric Bass Guitar NaturalĀ¹ Schecter Riot-5 Maple Burl 5-String Electric Bass Guitar - Natural



10 Minutes - What a Way to Start a Monday

Hi. It's Joe.

StarbucksStore.comA title like the one for this blog can be taken one of two ways, good or bad.

In this case it is good. I woke up this morning, downed some cereal and coffee, and headed for the CSA (community supported agriculture) farm.

This is the best way I personally have ever started off a Monday. Fun, productive, work in the dirt, with the sun shining down. It's like a workout and a learning experience all in one.

When I got there today, they started me off harvesting spinach. It was kind of a tough job because a lot of it was starting to bolt or go to seed. So it was slow going, but also meditative and the time flew by. So when I returned to the barn with my two crates full of spinach, I thought I still had some time left to work.

My time was actually up, but I didn't feel like quitting just yet. So I surprised Chris, the farm owner and manager, when I asked if I could work some more. He set me to the much easier (than spinach) task of harvesting scallions. This went really fast, and then he dismissed me to go home with a box of produce. I don't know what I am going to do with it.

I have a worker's half share in the farm, which means I get a half share (box) of available produce every week for free, in exchange for my labor. On top of that, my health insurance provider even cut me a rebate check for $100, as part of their wellness benefit incentive to get people to lead healthier lifestyles. I guess they figure if you work on a CSA farm, you will be getting your 10 recommended servings of vegetables per day, and thus be preventing diet related illnesses like heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

God, they have no idea. A half share is good for two (2) people, and right now Tracy is in Arizona through August and my roommate Matt is a pure junk foodist who would probably get sick if he ate a vegetable. So I am having to find ways to gorge myself on a lot of freakin' vegetables. I have never felt better, I'll grant you. It's definitely true that a whole food diet consisting of foods that humans are genetically designed to eat is healthier. I can feel it, and I am not just talking about the fiber content of the food either.

I have also started to regain some trust in the goodness of human beings working on the farm. Chris is a totally cool and laid back "boss." He treats everyone with fairness and dignity, and it is so refreshing since I had to "fire" my last boss in corporate America for being a lame, negative, cynical, soul-sucking, energy vampire who not only made us do inane and useless tasks, but then criticized our work continuously. That's enough to drive anyone mad. So before that happened I canned him, and became self-employed.

Chris tells us to set our own hours based on the amount of time we are required to donate and the time slots he needs filled. There is no seeming organization to it, but there always seems to be ample people to get everything done, and he's never said anything to me about my chosen time slots, just appreciated my showing up.

If my last boss had been that cool, he would not have gotten fired. All I ever asked at that job was some flexibility of schedule, and he couldn't even be cool enough to consider it. I totally could have worked from home a lot at that job, saving myself some stress and also shrinking my ecological footprint by not commuting as much. But the boss was an ass, and proud of it. So it goes.


30 Minutes - The Game

Hi. It's Joe.

I read "The Game" by Neill Strauss. I am not ashamed to admit it. It's a well written book.

It's basically a semi-autobiographical story of his journalistic foray into the world of pick-up artists, guys who make a hobby of seducing women. He started out just to get a story, but as he was researching it, he became intrigued by it and ended up learning to be a pick-up artist - by his telling THE BEST pickup artist, to whom all others come for advice.

So the book is also kind of like tips for picking up chicks. And of course, he makes millions convincing guys they are losers who need his book (and assorted peripheral products) if they ever hope to meet and mate with beautiful women. So regardless of his reported success with the ladies, he at least seems to be a very successful business man, fulfilling a need for lonely horny guys everywhere.

In summary, Strauss monopolizes on the idea that says girls like fun, confident, friendly, good-looking guys who smell nice. No brainer there. He also says no matter how fun, confident, good-looking, and nice-smelling you are, you will never get a girl unless you make her feel safe and secure.

To put it bluntly, this means she needs to sincerely feel like you aren't just trying to get in her pants.

The irony, of course, is that Strauss then outlines exactly how to get in the girl's pants.

So, in a way it comes across as kind of creepy, because these guys are setting out to deceive women into sleeping with them by appearing and behaving as if that is exactly what they are not trying to do. I'm amazed that women fall for this stuff, but the psychology behind it seems sound and unless Strauss is yanking everyone's chain, it does appear to work, at least for him.

So the creepy deception factor is one thing I didn't like about this book. Sure, you can fake your way into bed with a girl by following the handful of useful tips on how to appear fun, confident, good-looking and scenty, even if you are actually a reclusive, awkward, insecure, lazy, ripe couch potato. But that just seems fake, because it is.

So at some point you have to actually transcend all of this (like a martial arts master) and just become THAT GUY for real, if you really want that. Dress up nice, and go out not trying to pick up girls but rather to have fun being all you can be, with friends. Focus on you, not them. Like they say, when you aren't looking for love, it finds you. And that's Strauss's main thesis. His strategy is to learn to be THAT GUY until it is no longer a deception, it is who you are, and then girls will desire you. Take it or leave it, I am just summarizing his book.

The other thing I didn't like about this book is that it focuses on busting game in bars. I don't know about you, but I hate meeting girls in bars. In fact, when I am in bars, I am completely disinterested in most of the girls there. For one thing, I don't drink. And why do girls go to bars? To have fun, usually drinking, and sometimes smoking which is the ultimate turn off when I first meet a girl, unless she has a super personality. So I have no problem showing no interest in girls in bars. And that's also probably why I don't pimp out too much when I go out, so as not to attract undue attention from said girls. I am flattered when a girl shows interest, but honestly I would never date her if I met her in a bar.

So I think this book is really more about SELF improvement than GAME. If you want to get girls, don't try to get girls. Just go out and become the best person you can be and have as much fun as you can. The girls will notice your devil-may-care confidence and fun streak, and if you smell good, all the better.

See, I just taught you how to pick up chicks for FREE and you don't even have to buy a book.

Most guys should intuitively know that when you go out to have a good time, you don't want to spend it ogling girls. Women have a radar for this and immediately lose interest in any guy who is scoping for "game," because they will immediately know the guy wants in their pants. Thus, they no longer feel safe. This is why caribou get all antsy when a pack of wolves shows up. Same idea. This is probably also why gay guys have no problem hanging out with beautiful women. So guys, really just go out to have fun and don't worry about getting laid. But do worry about your body odor and appearance if you want any chicks who notice you to remain interested.

To get game, you have to let it come to you, by being a PRIZE. You have to look like "the prey" - by being fun, confident, and good-looking/smelling, but not horny and desperate.

When I met my girlfriend Tracy at a pizza joint, we had good chemistry right away, even though she smoked. We went on fun dates and when we went to bars it was mainly because I was performing music, not to party down. Because we can both be ourselves around each other, we already have that natural attraction of feeling safe and comfortable with someone. So all the stuff that Neil Strauss tries to teach people to do with complete strangers to get one night stands, Tracy and I already have permanently, and no phony pretend stuff needed.

I think that's way cooler, and I've always said so, even though she doesn't like it when other girls hit on me (which I think is because of the reasons above, that I am just out to have fun and be myself and other women are attracted to that - except that beyond flattery, I don't care.).

So I hope Tracy knows how much I love being with her and that all those other girls have no chance of competing with what we have. It's like I have told her a million times, if I was attracted to another woman, I would tend to be very shy and awkward around that person. So when I am being extroverted and flirtatious with other women (kind of like the way gay guys do) is actually when I have no interest in them and can be myself (which, ironically, they are attracted to - see above).

So it's a conundrum.

I'd love to hear your views on attraction and your stories about how you met your significant other (circumstances), if you would care to leave a comment below.



10 Minutes - But I Really Only Have 3 Minutes

Hi. It's Joe.

I want to go on a bike ride in three (3) minutes. But I know I won't do my 10 minute blog post today unless I do it now. So I will really be going on a bike ride in about 15 minutes (allowing time to change into my bike shorts and pump the tires).

You want to know what I did today? I interviewed a source for a press release I am going to write over the weekend. I could have written it today, but I didn't feel like it.

You know what else I did? (Instead of writing the press release...)

I created a sales page for the Gentle Leader Head Collar I talked about a few posts ago. There was so much interest in it that I thought people would want a direct link to the best dog collar available. Check it out HERE and tell me what you think.

I had a nice talk with Tracy this afternoon. She told me she is road tripping to the California coast (from AZ) to relax on the beach with her friends and family. That sounds fun. Wisconsin is cool and it even has beaches, but it's not the same. Freshwater has a whole different "smell" about it. There is something about sea salt in the real ocean air that soothes the soul. Fresh water beaches just smell bad.

I have a GUPPY EFFECT show tonight. Like I said earlier, I am going to squeeze in a bike ride between now and then. Everyone thinks it is my birthday party at Bolt Inn tonight. It's not, but I wanted to bill it is a generic birthday party to get more people to come. I like rocking out at the Bolt Inn, but more importantly, they like us!

Well, my 10 minutes are about up, so have a great weekend and if you live anywhere near Fort Atkinson WI, I hope we see you at the GUPPY EFFECT show tonight. Of course, you won't get this until tomorrow probably, but if you are subscribed to www.guppyeffect.com, then you are "in the know."



10 Minutes - The Grimy Goodness of Community Supported Agriculture

Hi. It's Joe.

I worked an extra shift at the CSA farm (community supported agriculture = fresh, local, organic produce) this morning, to make up for the week in July when I will be on RAGBRAI.

Thus, I have an extra box of awesome produce that I have no hope of eating myself before next week (when the next box arrives).

So if you live near Cambridge, WI (like say, Madison or Lake Mills WI) and you want it, how about $25 for it all?

The CSA box has a lot: 1 cuke, 1 zuke, 3 scallion, 3 parsnips, 6 radishes, 1 red lettuce, 1 romaine lettuce, 1/2 lb peas, bag spinach, and 2 kohlrabi. Plus, all the blackberries you can harvest off my BB bush in the front yard when you pick it up (Cambridge WI). The blackberries are exploding like gangbusters right now, and there are way more than I can put on my cereal in the morning.

$25 is about right, since a season is 12 weeks and costs $275 for a half share. Do the math, and that's about $23/weekly box, rounded up for simplicity. But I'll consider any offer so it does not go to waste.

It's a spring salad mix lover's dream. First come, first served. So help!!!

I have it in the fridge, so it's good for a few days yet. I'll be around this weekend.

I have PEOPLE BROTHERS BAND practice tonight at 6. I am going to catch two or three songs by my old band BABY ROCKET at the Nauti-Gal in Madison around 5:30 before I have to cruise to band practice.

Tomorrow I am going to write an article for Fort HealthCare that I would have had done today, except for difficulty reaching my sources by phone.

Speaking of health, did you happen to catch my blog post about cod liver oil and vitamin D yesterday? There's no obligation to read it, but I thought it was informative and might make your life better. In any case, my back linking duty is done here.

PEOPLE BROTHERS BAND is having a band meeting after band practice tonight. I suppose they want to talk about the future, since the band is becoming more successful and should probably develop more of a business model. The best business model would probably be a seven-member limited liability partnership, with one manager. That's basically how it operates "off the books" right now. There's a few added complications to putting it "on the books." For example, we will all have to keep track of our mileage for business related activities, and deduct this on our individual taxes. That's hard for some people to do. It took me three (3) years to get into the good habit of logging all business mileage for my songwriting business, Cactus Joe Productions LLC.

Another option is for one person to take over business operations for PEOPLE BROTHERS BAND as a sole proprietor or pass-through LLC, and treat the other band members as "contractors." But I don't fancy that approach, because it means someone will have to fill out six (6) W9s for each contracted band member and file a statement with the IRS.

No good can come of any of this.

I am increasingly geeked about Tracy coming back to Wisconsin. She isn't sure if she will live with me again, but I sure hope she does. In any case, I will support her 169% whatever she chooses to do. I am so giddy about our cross country road trip in early September. I get to write another road trip song, this time about a road trip FROM Arizona. Sweeeeeet!



10 Minutes - Cod Liver Oil and Vitamin D for Productivity

Hi. It's Joe.

Cod Liver Oil Super 1000 mg Softgels 250 GelsI wrote a lengthy blog post today about cod liver oil, and why I favor it as a fish oil source of essential omega-3 fatty acids.

It is because cod liver oil is one of the richest natural sources of vitamin D3, a vitamin (actually, technically a hormone) that is deficient in the diet of most people (especially those in northern climates eating a largely American style diet).

So by taking cod liver oil to get ample amounts of essential fatty acids DHA and EPA (only obtainable from dietary sources and supplements, because our bodies can't manufacture them), we are also supplementing with vitamin D, and killing two nutritional birds, so to speak, at the same time.

You see? My eight (8) years in R&D at a vitamin company did me some good. Most of what I learned there is that the nutritional supplement industry is largely a sham, but there were a few pearls of wisdom I picked up that I am happy to share. The main thing is that if you are eating a whole food diet and exercising (and not smoking), you really don't need nutritional supplements and vitamins.

But most people don't eat healthy or exercise, so vitamin supplementation is sometimes needed. Fish oil and vitamin D3 are two of the best examples. Because of how the modern diet has changed due to agriculture, most people don't get enough omega-3 fatty acids, which as I said can only be obtained from diet. Vitamin D is obtained from diet AND sunlight (the skin manufactures it in response to UV rays). As a society, we have become so fearful of sun exposure, due to the risk of skin cancer, that we avoid it, thus depleting ourselves of needed vitamin D. It is especially bad for people in northern climates, who rarely see any sun exposure during the winter.

For these people, it is crucial to supplement with vitamin D during the winter months. Tanning can also help with vitamin D levels. Low vitamin D levels have been associated with the seasonal depression that some people get in winter, which gives new meaning to vitamin D's nickname, the "sunshine" vitamin.

Anyway, check it out if you want to.

It's been stormy around here lately, because of global warming. It just seems stormier every year. I don't like the direction humanity is going. While I know individual people are smart, it seems like society as a whole is really dumb. Do you think so? Comment below.

I performed to an empty Waterhouse Cafe in Lake Mills WI today. It's OK though. Live practice. I wanted to write an article this afternoon, but my sources did not come through for me. I will have to try again tomorrow. As soon as I finish this post, I am going to shower up and head to the Brink Lounge in Madison WI to host my open mic night. It should be a breeze. I have two musicians showcasing. All I have to do is sit back and let them rock. Then I get $50 just for hosting.

It almost doesn't seem fair. But actually it is hard work. It's a lot like working three (3) hours every week on the local CSA farm in exchange for free produce all summer. It seems like a total bargain, with the huge amounts of food they give me for my labors. It's hard work under the hot sun, but I really enjoy it because it is 100% productive. Unlike in Corporate America, local agricultural America has a purpose and it manifests that purpose efficiently. There is no dicking around on the farm. But there is a lot of dicking around in Corporate America.

My gosh, if Corporate America could be as productive and efficient as the CSA farm, we'd be an unstoppable economic force.

Unfortunately, there are too many vitamin D deficient people in Corporate America, and I think that is why Corporate America can be so wasteful and unproductive. I am not kidding. It has been shown that the fluorescent lighting in office cubicle spaces can actually decrease vitamin D levels in the skin.



30 Minutes - The Four Agreements Toltec Wisdom Collection

Hi. It's Joe.

I first read "The Four Agreements" in late 2008, when I was very unhappy with my job because of a very negative boss that I had at the time. Because of my stress, I sought some stress counseling and found a very excellent psychologist who helped me to see a lot of good things about myself. She brought out my true strengths and ambitions that had for about five (5) years been stifled and crushed by others. I would say her help probably saved me from soul-death and made me "fire" my boss and pursue my true dreams and ambitions (as I am doing right now...).

During the course of our sessions, she encouraged me to get and read "The Four Agreements." So I went to the library and got it and read it. It was a fast read, and I thought it was fairly kickass.

I'm not going to get into the meat and potatoes of the actual Four Agreements contained in the book and what they are all about. I just want to focus on the first and, according to the author, Don Miguel Ruiz, most important of the Agreements: "Be impeccable with your speech."

It basically says always speak accurately, faultlessly, truthfully and honestly to the best of your ability, and if necessary, don't speak at all in order to remain impeccable with your speech (basically, if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all).

That is to say, when you speak, speak flawlessly. That is not to say speak perfectly, but rather to allow no poisonous, negative things to corrupt your speech, such as insults, false accusations, bearing false witness, rumors, lies, and the like.

These kinds of things spread poison in the world and create a "hell on earth." One person says a poisonous thing, then another person reacts to it with poison, or spreads the poison to others. The human dream becomes a poisoned nightmare over time. But if you are impeccable with your speech, you do not spread poison and you are immune to poison. Then you can create your own "heaven on earth." You can begin to achieve your full human potential, with your soul intact, rather than weakened or killed by the poison of un-impeccable speech.

I write about this today because recently I've observed first hand some of the poisonous consequences of people NOT being impeccable with their speech, and just like the Toltec wisdom book says, it rapidly poisons human beings who engage in it. I am also observing, as we speak, the beneficial effects on my life of trying to abide by the Four Agreements. I am well on my way to building my own personal "heaven on earth."

I won't go into the gory details, but when people say things based on false information and half-truths, just to bring other people down and make their own life better, it has the opposite effect - especially when the person being targeted with the poison (in this case me) IS impeccable with their speech and is therefore immune to the poison.

Then, the poison turns on the person spreading it and poisons them instead. I watched this happen, literally "by the book," with amazing speed. It made quite an impact on me. As soon as I saw it happening, I turned on the Four Agreements in my mind and let them form a shield around me. It worked.

The person spreading the poisonous speech is now much worse off than they were before. Explain it however you want to, but this person has now lost friends (including a potential girlfriend), credibility, and in a few months they will even, by their own free will, lose their current place of residence and willfully put themselves through the upheaval of finding a new place to live, all because of a non-adherence to one of the Four Agreements (impeccable speech).

And none of this was in any way CAUSED by me. So you be the judge. Did the Four Agreements come through? All I did was be impeccable with my speech. Everything else unfolded just as the Four Agreements described that it would. It's quite cool, actually.

I encouraged my GF to read this book because I care about her and I want her to remain un-poisoned by what we refer to as "drama." The Four Agreements make a person "drama-proof." And the great thing about them is that they are a personal frame of wisdom. You implement them on yourself and the universe kind of re-arranges itself around you, irrespective of other people. You don't try to impose the Four Agreements on others (I only recommended it to Tracy). Everyone has to choose whether they want heaven or hell on earth for themselves. You can have heaven even while those around you have hell. Just look at all the unhappy miserable people in the world.

If you examine them closely, you will see they are spreading poison in their own way, by violating one or more of the Four Agreements. "Be impeccable with your speech" is the main one people violate, because of fear and hate.

Because I read this book of wisdom, I don't succumb to the poison by being un-impeccable with my speech. The temptation is always there to react with more poison, to fight fire with fire. But impeccability of speech is untarnishable. That's not really a word, untarnishable, but you get my point.

Another of the Four Agreements is "never take anything personally," also frequently violated by people because of insecurity with themselves. This Agreement is kind of like a FORCEFIELD of protection against un-impeccable speech by others (insults and accusations and rumors and innuendo, for example). It works hand in hand with being impeccable with your speech. If you take things personally, it poisons you and makes you more likely to lose your cool and resort to un-impeccable speech.

Of course, this also ties into another of the Agreements, "Always do your best." If you always do your best, then it is much harder for poisoned people to say things that you take personally. If you are secure in yourself and you are always doing your best, you lose the insecurity that makes you vulnerable to the poison. No one is perfect, but if you know you did your best, your actions are unimpeachable (that is the word I was looking for earlier when I said "untarnishable," but I am not going to go back and fix it).

Just for completeness, the last Agreement is "Don't make assumptions." We actually have a close approximation in American society - It makes an "ass of u and me." In other words, know the facts before you say something that makes an ass of you (see, we come right back to impeccable speech...they are all linked together).

So anyway, I thought the Four Agreements book was good stuff.

It really infuriates the poisoned when they can't poison your mind and get you to violate the Four Agreements. It's like being immune to Zombies. The Four Agreements has given me this immunity, in large measure. They kind of follow me around all the time (not zombies, the Agreements...).

The sad thing is that the poisoned are living in their own personal hell and will probably die unhappy someday. The hopeful thing is that anyone, even the poisoned, can choose to undo the damage of the poison and achieve personal heaven just by adopting and following the Four Agreements.

It's not really mutually exclusive with any other belief system or religious teaching. It's all common sense stuff. Who doesn't want to speak impeccably, do their best, make no assumptions, and take nothing personally? Such people are viewed as leaders and teachers.

I totally don't expect anyone to believe a word I say, or to buy the book and read it. All I can say is that it was recommended to me by a counselor that I trust and it impacted me strongly, and for whatever reason it seems to be applicable to my life.

My life is better (indeed awesome) than it has ever been. Can I attribute that to this book? Of course not. There is no scientific evidence that the Four Agreements had anything to do with my happiness and relative success in life.

But I feel free and un-poisoned by the artificial dream of lost humanity, and I wish more people would read this short excellent book if it will make humanity better and make more people as un-poisoned as I am.


10 Minutes - Global Warming Facts for Kids, Pirates, and Polar Bears (the things I think about...)

Hi. It's Joe.

As you have probably noticed, this 10 minutes per day of blogging that I do is largely all about the weird things I think about.

Stuff like how global warming naysayers are simply crazy. The globe is definitely warming and there is no doubt from the data.

Are humans causing global warming? Well, that's a whole different question than the reality of the situation that the globe is, in fact, warming. You just sound like a buffoon if you say the globe isn't warming in direct defiance of the numbers. Skepticism is great, and sure you can always find a scientist willing to present facts against global warming (if the price is right). I am sure you could get a scientist to say the moon is made of cheese, if he could retire from his crappy life in academia and move to the Bahamas in exchange for doing so. But unless you are getting a fat stipend from a coal or oil company, please don't make an ass of yourself by trying to convince any sane person that the globe isn't warming.

I think the question of whether humans are causing global warming is neither here nor there. It's happening. Burying our heads in the sand about that doesn't help anyone. We ought to instead try to determine if there is anything we can do to reverse it. Because bad things happen due to global warming, like oceans rising 50 feet above their current levels, which means tsunamis, worse hurricanes, and global warming effects on animals - like polar bears dying. Actually, I don't know if polar bears dying is all that bad for anyone except polar bears. They sure are cute and furry though - even if they would probably gut and eat me first chance they got.

It's definitely true that the rise in global temperatures (which I'll just reiterate for the right wing nutbars IS HAPPENING - see above) closely parallels the rise in global fossil fuel carbon dioxide emissions. Just to refresh, carbon dioxide is a GREENHOUSE gas that contributes to atmospheric warming.

NOTE: In actuality, WATER VAPOR is a far worse greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. However, water vapor CONDENSES into liquid, while carbon dioxide stays a gas, except at very cold temperatures. Also, as the atmosphere warms, the more water vapor it can hold (i.e., less condensing), and this causes further warming in a positive feedback loop. But...water vapor also contributes to clouds, which reflect sunlight back to space COOLING the earth. So as you can see, water vapor is a fairly harmless gas, except when other gasses that cause global warming are around, even if they aren't as good at warming the globe (because they catalyze the creation of more water vapor). Does that make sense? I you are not a right wing nutbar, it probably does.
But it is also true that the rise in global temperatures is inversely proportional to the number of pirates.

Is global warming a problem? Well, it's neither good nor bad from a completely objective standpoint. Subjectively, it's probably bad for polar bears, as we've seen. Is it too much of a leap to say that humans may be affected in ways we can't know?

From the Earth's standpoint, the demise of humanity from global warming matters not - just another extinct species. Maybe global warming is a natural thing and humans will adapt. Or maybe we'll all die fighting each other for limited natural resources or crazy religious beliefs long before we cook ourselves.

But if global warming is bad and also reversible, shouldn't we get a handle on it? I mean, if we care about our species' future. We can all not worry about global warming until it is too late. Maybe everything will be fine.

All that said, I am fully willing to admit I am an "equal opportunity" DISASTER CAPITALIST. So here you go...


10 Minutes - I Edumacated Myself Today

Hi. It's Joe.

One of my right-wing nutbar friends has been spouting random nonsense about how we have to drill domestically for oil. So incomprehensible was he that I decided to do a little research on U.S. oil production and consumption myself.

It's amazing what just a little bit of homework can uncover. I have posted about my findings on the RED STAPLER BRIGADE blog - "OIL."

I am now convinced more than ever that most Americans are completely in the dark and will be responsible for their own doom, just for the simple fact of not doing a goddam thing to educate themselves.

Since I fired my boss in 2008, I've discovered a lot of important things that never occurred to me when I was being subjected to the brain drain (and life force suckage) of corporate America. I can now say with certainty that my ex-boss's refusal to let me telecommute and save on gas (and stress) has contributed in some small part to the Gulf oil spill orchestrated by BP. Therefore, he has blood and oil on his hands, as far as I am concerned. Of course, his cruel experiments on small furry animals far outweighs his contribution to faraway oil disasters, in terms of insensitivity and sheer diabolical evil.

Working on the CSA farm, I realize how important it is to buy food locally and not contribute to fossil fuel consumption buy eating food that has to cross thousands of miles to get to me. I really want to start reading "Omnivore's Dilemma" and "Food Politics again.

I think if everybody just made small, obtainable changes to shrink their ecological footprint, it would help a lot. For me, it is eating whole foods and buying local food.

I also drive a hybrid and I bike places instead of driving sometimes. I keep the thermostat on 80 in the summer, to cut down on air conditioner use. In the winter, I turn the thermostat down to 60 when I am out of the house. What is the point of heating an empty house, even a well-insulated one like mine?

Someday, when I am independently wealthy, I am going to eco-rehab my house, put some solar panels on the roof, etc. My roof angles to the south, so it is really perfect for solarizing.

You can help me reach my goal - just buy me a coffee and contribute to my energy efficient future. Ironically, your supporting me is actually supporting a better environment for everyone. So if you buy me a coffee, you support my eco-friendly efforts, even if that is your sole contribution to shrinking your own ecological footprint (vicariously through me...).

Did you like that logic? I did.

That is what my beautiful girl Tracy would call "Joe-gic." That is short for Joe Logic.

Tracy is coming back to Wisconsin from Arizona. I'm excited for that, although Arizona does seem much cooler than WI. Not "literally" cooler. But then again, there are scorpions there...



10 Minutes - House Keeping

Hi. It's Joe.

Just catching up on my 10 minute blog posting, since I was somewhat lax last week.

Last night GUPPY EFFECT rocked the Bolt Inn in Fort Atkinson WI. They loved us, as always. The crowd was decent, but my goal is to really pack that place. We are playing there again in a week, next Friday June 25. We are billing it as a BIRTHDAY PARTY and anyone who brings 50 people to the Bolt Inn will get a free keg of beer on the band. This is a pretty good incentive. If the bar gives us the keg at COST, we ought to be able to pay that out of band fund for what we are getting paid that night.

If it's successful (there must be some unlame people who could muster up 50 friends to come drink free beer), maybe we can implement this promotion at other shows in the future.

Today is the day. It is the day I vacuum the bejesus out of the house and mow the lawn. Much to accomplish. So much in fact that I am going to stop typing now. It has been over 10 minutes, because I took a break to create a back link within this blog post, unbeknownst to you.



10 Minutes - Gosh, I Was Totally Lax Yesterday

Hi. It's Joe.

Yesterday, I actually was, for the first time in a while, too busy to do my 10 minute blog post.

I'm not backing away from my motto that there is always time to write for 10 minutes every day.

There surely were a few times yesterday when I could have slipped away from the pell mell pace of the day to write some random thoughts. I was just so focused on the next task at hand, that I never allowed myself to do it.

In the morning, a couple of my songwriting colleagues from the Nashville Songwriters Association International (Madison WI chapter) came over and we spent about four (4) hours recording, mixing, and mastering two (2) song demos written by one of the women, and sung by the other (amazing voice!). They were children's songs and they turned out really well.

If the songwriter gives me permission to do so, I will post a link here to listen to the demos. So check back in a day or two.

After that was done, I worked on some house cleaning, and tried to fix the vacuum cleaner. I think it was just clogged with fine dust particles. I cleaned the living crap out of it. Then it was time to load gear and head out to play an early GUPPY EFFECT show at Windwood Golf Club in Watertown WI. Golfers come off the green between 7:30 and 8, so they wanted us to perform 7:30 to about 10:30. I got there a little after 6 PM so as to take advantage of the free food they offered us. Stefan and Al got lost (they used GPS, I just looked at a map). The place was a bit hard to find, actually.

But we rocked it and they booked us a date to come back again (Thursday July 15). By the time I got home around midnight, I was really sleepy and crashed. I suppose I could have squeezed out a 10 minute blog post before bed, but it would have lacked quality as a result of my fatigue.

So aren't you glad I waited until today to do it? I promise to do a second one to catch up and stay true to my daily 10 minute blog posts (except weekends).

Tonight, Stefan and I are guesting on AM radio in Madison WI (AM 1670 WTDY - "Sound Lounge" with the Wisconsin Guys, if you are interested). Then we head to Fort Atkinson WI to melt faces and blow minds at the Bolt Inn, a great fun little dive bar.

I still have to mow the lawn and I plan to get started on that today and finish it in the morning on Saturday (you are probably reading this on Saturday afternoon or later, if you get these via subscription - enter your e-mail upper right to subscribe to this site and get my short daily entertaining posts).

People Brothers Band plays Saturday night at Wiggie's in Madison WI.

I love rocking.



10 Minutes - My Diurnal Rhythm

Hi. It's Joe.

It is 10 minutes to 2 AM, so this is really going to be 10 minutes of writing, firm.

I want to go to sleep. I don't know if I will be able to, because I did a rare thing and drank two (2) Mello Yellos tonight when I met Todd and Sherry for pizza in Lake Mills. I am still pretty wired up from that.

It is apparent that my diurnal rhythm has me up from about 10 AM to 2 AM daily. It has always been that way. That's just what I am attuned to. It's probably partly because I play rock-n-roll music. I accept it. It's probably the main reason I had to "fire" my boss a year or so ago. He was unable to accept my natural diurnal rhythm and so he had to be dismissed. I think people should be accepted for who they are and not forced to do things against their nature. It's like when they used to whip left-handed children to try to make them right-handed, because left-handedness was considered a sin. Poor Jimi Hendrix.

Anyway, I've been reading a fun book my roommate Matt lent me called "World War Z." It is amusing. I read a few pages at bedtime and it's a fast easy read. Basically, it's written like a historical biography of World War II, except that it is after the global zombie war.

The survivors tell their stories of narrowly escaping zombie attack and give their perspectives on the war. So it's both thrilling and educational (to the extent that learning about the nature and physiology of mythical undead creatures is educational.

In that regard, the book does set the standard for zombie facts. For example, the only way to kill a zombie is to destroy its brain. Also, a bite from a zombie first kills, then re-animates. Zombie flesh is lethal to dogs, and presumably humans. You don't have to be bitten by a zombie to convert - any contact with zombie brains or flesh can transmit the virus through mucous membranes or open wounds in the living. And so on and so forth.

Anyway. That's about all I had. If you want more, read my longer post "Disaster Capitalism and Karmic Return." It's pretty damn good if you ask me.

But I love writing, so I'll let you be the judge.



30 Minutes - Disaster Capitalism and Karmic Return

Hi. It's Joe.

I hope the ad banners for 250 free business cards on this newly re-designed page are not too annoying (OK, back link accomplished).

I believe in full transparency. The whole point of this experiment is to test whether a guy (ME) can connect with the world (YOU) for 10 Minutes each day and make it profitable (BOTH). The primary goal is karmic connections, but these are multi-faceted.

As I go about giving a "snapshot" of my life to my readers, theoretically expanding the overall cosmic consciousness in very small increments, I occasionally refer to things I dig and that I think others may find useful. I share those, and if it fulfills a need for someone else, everyone wins.

Making money is a secondary "perk" that allows me to continue to be a self-employed free agent in the universe and stick it to THE MAN as much as possible. As you can see, this is also a form of KARMIC RETURN, because sticking it to THE MAN, even in very small increments, helps humanity.

In summary, I would rather do good than make money. But if I can do both, then this experiment can keep on keeping on.

I recently wrote a post about the effective and dog-friendly "Gentle Leader" head collar and posted a link to it on FACEBOOK. It generated much discussion and one woman expressed a lot of interest in getting one for her rambunctious dog.

In my post about the "Gentle Leader" I provided a link to the ONLY NATURAL PET STORE, an ethical vendor I endorse and have an "affiliate" account with. This means, if I direct traffic to their site and someone buys something, a small commission is given to me for sending people their way. It doesn't affect the buyer's prices at all. In fact, in the long term it probably lowers the prices because "affiliate marketing," as it is called, helps vendors to lower their advertising costs (essentially, people like me are advertising for them).

The woman on FACEBOOK wanted to get a "Gentle Leader" collar for her dog.

It just so happened that a few years back my dog Ginger died. She was a rambunctious firebrand of a dog, and very excitable outside. Regular choke chains just didn't cut it with her. She would rather asphyxiate pulling at the leash than heed it. So I had bought a medium-sized "Gentle Leader" head collar to control her, and it worked like a charm. After she died, I kept the head collar on a hook in the garage because it was too small for my other dog Buddy, who already has his own large "Gentle Leader".

So this woman on FACEBOOK told me her uncontrollable dog was about 40 pounds, and that was exactly the size Ginger was. I asked her if she would like me to send her Ginger's old "Gentle Leader", since I no longer needed it.

She was overjoyed and offered to pay the postage. But I didn't even care about that. Being able to do a good deed for someone was priceless to me. That's where I am at with all this.

People seem to put a stigma on it when there is MONEY involved. But the affiliate links I put on my blogs are meant to be a resource. I put way more effort into them than I will ever hope to recoup in affiliate commissions from the vendors whose products I endorse. But if someone does find something they need that they would not otherwise have known about, thanks to me, then I am happy, and I don't mind getting a few cents here and there for the effort. But it is secondary.

That is what KARMIC RETURN is all about. I try to spread positivity and wholesome goodness via my blogs and my writing (which I am pretty good at...you are still reading aren't you?). I believe this good will will repay me in good fortune. It might be a few cents in affiliate commissions, or it might be landing a gig for my band.

The UNIVERSE works in strange ways.

My altruism goes beyond this blog too.

For example, with the recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, I happen to know that a lot of commercial seafood is now totally F'd from the Gulf all the way up the eastern seaboard.

However, it will still be sold in stores because the multinational food companies do not give a damn about food safety or human health (only profits) and they can easily skirt food safety regulations.

Seafood is one of the few remaining sources of omega-3 fatty acids, which humans require for good health and the prevention of chronic diseases - the ancestral diet of humans was very high in omega-3 fatty acids, whereas they are virtually non-existent in the Standard American Diet (SAD).

Realizing that my main dietary source for omega-3s (fish) would soon be getting very scarce, I bought myself a large-assed bottle of Carlson's Norwegian Salmon Oil, made from fish found only in the deep and (for a short while longer) unpolluted waters of Norway. This will be my main source of omega-3 fatty acids during the oil spill crisis and its aftermath. When it runs out, I will turn to the only other viable dietary source of omega-3 fatty acids, flaxseed oil.

Flaxseed oil isn't as biologically compatible as fish oil is, but it will do during the dearth of edible fish for the next (probably) ten years.

Anyway, I posted on FACEBOOK that I had bought a pantload of fish oil and my reasons why (as per above), and then I encouraged my friends (who don't all have the experience and knowledge I do from working for eight years in R&D at a nutritional supplement company...) to find some viable omega-3 sources for themselves during the "fish famine."

I don't know if my friends will heed my call. I can only lead a horse to water and share what I know with people. Skepticism is a great thing, and I strongly encourage everyone to question authority. But sometimes authority speaks truth, and when people realize this for themselves, they should behave accordingly.

If people I shared that with think it is just fear mongering and disaster capitalism on my part to make a profit, they may reject my information out of hand, simply because I provided a link to where people could buy this fish oil via my VITAMIN STORE, the Vitamin Fun House.

You can thank George Bush and Dick Cheney for that, because their diabolically evil brand of disaster capitalism in the first eight years of this millenium (the same eight years I was working in R&D at the vitamin company) filled everyone with distrust and put a bad taste in everyone's mouth. So now, even the opportunists who are trying to do good in the world, like me, get a bad rap sometimes.

I don't know what to do about that. But if you trust my good intentions, SUBSCRIBE TO THIS BLOG and be a part of my GOOD KARMIC EXPERIMENT.


10 Minutes - The Gentle Leader Head Collar for Dogs (it works!)

On Sale at Only Natural Pet Store

Premier Gentle Leader Headcollar Black, SmallHi. It's Joe.

I took Buddy to the dog park today.

I use a "gentle leader" head collar with him.

Unlike a regular dog collar that just pulls on the dog's neck when it strains against the leash, the "gentle leader" collar controls the dog's head, and requires much less effort.

As I understand it, dogs are oriented by the direction of their head. They see or smell something and the head is the first thing that moves in the direction of the interesting sight or smell, then the body follows, often at a vigorous pace.

The "gentle leader" collar monopolizes on this instinctual nature of the dog's behavior. As you can see from the pic above (and if you CLICK ON IT you can learn a lot more...), the specialized dog collar goes around the dog's muzzle as well as it's neck.

The leash actually attaches to the muzzle portion, right under the chin, away from the neck.

So, when you (or the dog) "gently" (hence the name) tug on the leash, it orients the dogs head (not it's fairly immobile neck) toward YOU, instead of toward other things.

My dog Buddy doesn't have a clue (that's not him in the picture, I just like that picture). All he knows is that he is suddenly turning his head back toward me and away from whatever he was heading for. To him, it immediately re-orients him to me and I have 100% control of his mind (in a good way). I sound like Cesar Millan, dog whisperer. I wonder if Cesar endorses these.

I can literally hold the leash with my pinky and know that Buddy isn't going anywhere.

Even though he is frantic to get in the car and go to the dog park, he won't lunge ahead of the leash when I use the "gentle leader" because he knows by now he will just be denied. He waits until I say, "OK." And that is when I release the leash and let him jump into the car.

If you have a frisky dog, I highly recommend the "gentle leader" head collar for dogs, and not just because it's a great keyword phrase for search engines (266 searches daily and only 7,670 competing web pages).

It really works.

But the SEO factor IS the reason I am putting a link below where you can BUY a "gentle leader" head collar for your dog if you think it would be helpful. It is especially good for SMALL people with LARGE, ENERGETIC dogs. They come in all sizes.

I will say that my other dog, Ginger, who died a few years ago, didn't respond as well to the "gentle leader" head collar. She succumbed to it (is the best way to put it), but she was amazingly smart and she fought it with her reasoning capabilities every step of the way, trying to paw it off her nose.


Premier Gentle Leader Headcollar Black, Small Gentle Leader Headcollar

End leash-pulling forever! No more tug-of-wars or being dragged down the street. Controls your dog's unwanted behavior and makes going for walks fun again!


10 Minutes - I Have a Habit of Eating Healthy, But My Food Pyramid is a House of Cards

Healthy Snacks with NutsOnline!

Hi. It's Joe.

Compared with most people, I do practice healthy eating. Like, when I am at the checkout line at Piggly Wiggly, I can plainly see that my pile of fruits, vegetables, nuts, 100% juice, tofu, etc. easily trumps the nutrient-deprived potato chips, soda, donuts, TV dinners, frozen pizzas, and mac and cheese being purchased by the people before and after me in line. (NOTE: Yeah, I am that guy...the one with all the veggies that each have to be weighed at checkout. Sorry, but my nutritional health rushes for no one.)

But then sometimes I feel like I am not eating healthy enough. Like when I got home from my rock-n-roll show last night and made popcorn. I do buy raw popcorn and make it myself using olive oil (microwave popcorn has been directly linked to lung disease - CLICK HERE FOR REFERENCE), but it still seems kind of unhealthy, because you are heating up the oil and it gets on the popcorn, plus you have to salt it.

I generally don't eat meat. But I am not a vegetarian, because sometimes I do eat meat. When I eat meat, I try to do so in an ecologically friendly manner. I like my meat to be as natural as possible, chemical free and made (grown) naturally and locally (so as to cut down on fossil fuels used in transportation).

Steakburger PattySteakburger Patty

Yum...made from "naturally occurring" (grass fed) cows.

Living in S.E. Wisconsin, it is possible to buy meat locally, and sometimes it is even naturally produced (no chemicals). Organic meat is available in Madison WI, at the way over-priced food co-ops and health food stores. Sometimes it shows up at the Madison WI farmer's market for a decent price. That's probably because a lot of middle men are cut out between the farm and the farmer's market.

I do eat tons of vegetables. For two years in a row, I have joined a local community supported agriculture farm very close to my house. I can even bike to it in minutes. In exchange for working on the farm about three (3) hours per week, I get a crate full of veggies and fruit every week for the whole summer FREE. As a result, I eat a lots of fruits and vegetables and so I definitely get my recommended daily allowance there.

I'm not sure if the junky foods I sometimes eat are compensated for by the healthy ones. People say everything in moderation, but some things don't fit that rule. For example, even one cigarette has been shown to cause irreversible lung damage - CLICK HERE FOR REFERENCE.

I am thinking one large order of French fries from Mickey D's probably Fs up your arteries irreversibly a little too. Then again, I have heard that exercising before eating fatty foods decreases the negative effects of those fatty foods. So as long as I go for a run before I eat junk food, it is OK?

I dunno. But I think that's enough back linking for today. I thank you for reading and helping to strengthen the neural connections within the Internet brain between YOU and ME.



10 Minutes - How to Publish a Song

Hi. It's Joe.

Place songs in Film and TV on BroadjamToday, I was the VIP and honored guest at the Friday staff luncheon at BROADJAM.COM in Madison WI. They served up all manner of goodies and we chatted for a good hour on many things musical. They are very cool people.

BROADJAM.COM itself is awesome. As a self-employed musician, one of my potential (but not yet actual) income streams is licensing my recorded songs to film and television soundtracks. This is what BROADJAM.COM specializes in (that and web hosting). They have a whole web-based infrastructure for getting music from musicians and songwriters into the hands of music supervisors who need music for whatever reason. Lots of songwriters get songs placed in TV shows, for example, and it is a great backdoor way for amateur songwriters to get a song "published," without having to have all manner of music business connections. You can think of them as like a brokerage house between buyers (music biz) and sellers (songwriters). It's a great system, and I think it is better than TAXI's model. With TAXI you only got one reviewer who decided if your song submission(s) lived or died. I am sure they were really talented people, but one single individual person cannot possibly be right all the time.

BROADJAM.COM does it a little differently. Firstly, the supervisor is forwarded ALL submissions. With TAXI, the supervisor only received the songs that made it past the one lone single screener. The BROADJAM.COM submissions are ranked using a peer-review system, and the ranking is used to determine what songs the music supervisor hears first. That way, there is more of a chance (s)he will hear the best stuff first if (s)he is on a time crunch or something.

Anyway, BROADJAM.COM is also based in Madison WI, unlike a lot of the music publishing and licensing firms that are in L.A., Nashville, or New York. This makes networking a breeze, hence today's luncheon. BROADJAM.COM has several membership levels, including a FREE MEMBERSHIP for beginners to the music licensing world, so they can learn the ropes and get their feet wet. Most people with any amount of seriousness about songwriting commercially eventually get a paid membership, because this DRAMATICALLY lowers the "per song" submission price.

After lunch, Roy Elkins met with me in his office and we talked about my rock music. He listened to some of it and gave me constructive critiques, mostly stuff I already knew, but very helpful. He said he dug a lot of it.

He really liked HOPE FOR HUMANITY, which Stefan and I expressly wrote for a specific BROADJAM.COM listing (a movie seeking songs about "HOPE"). He even said he was going to play all the songs I have on BROADJAM.COM during the afternoon, so he could get a feel for it. I think he is sincere and I hope he shares his thoughts with me eventually. He is a nice person, super generous with his time, not arrogant, easy to talk to, and welcoming. I would totally work for BROADJAM.COM if I could.

PEOPLE BROTHERS BAND played at Come Back Inn tonight, and Travis, one of the BROADJAM.COM staffers, stopped by the show. That was really super nice of him. He didn't have to go out of his way. Well, according to him he didn't. He spends many a Friday night at the Come Back Inn, says he. So it was by chance.

Another chance attendee of the PEOPLE BROTHERS BAND show was J.D. from the band Rivalry. I have seen Rivalry before and they rock. J.D.'s sister Katie is an awesome vocalist and passable guitarist. She can really wail. I'd totally date her.

I'd also date Stephanie, the super mega-hotty red head who was dancing at the PEOPLE BROTHERS BAND show tonight. Very easy on the eyes...



10 Minutes - I Think I Am Synching With the Internet Brain

Hi. It's Joe.

The purpose of this blog is to basically allow me to integrate my consciousness with that of the Internet, by way of connecting my thoughts to all of your minds (if you are reading this, and you surely are...).

If a blog post falls to the Internet and there is no one there to read it, does it still expand the universal consciousness?

It's late...

I probably shouldn't be writing right now.

Anyway, today was fairly lackluster for the most part. I watched a movie about Jimi Hendrix that wasn't especially good (not the one above, which is VERY good...). It was like an after school special about the legendary guitarist.

I realize Jimi Hendrix's life is sensationalized. He was a pretty regular guy, outside of his amazing guitar chops. He had the same foibles and succumbed to the same weaknesses as most other rockers of that era. He had a fairly good middle class upbringing. He was fairly successful as a performing musician from the get go, not like he was destitute at all (like Dylan). His death was a shame, but he lives on in his music. I feel bad that more people didn't care about him. They only saw him as a money maker. I would say that predominantly led to his death, because the stress of the business of music made him sick and he turned to self-medication to cope. If he was alive today, I think he'd still be rocking it. Or maybe he would be disgusted with the music biz. Because it sucks. He was disgusted with it back then, and it is only worse today.

Stefan came over around 7:30 and we hashed out about 10 new songs, acoustically, including "Creep" by Radiohead. We still have to work everything out with the drummer, but at least we have the basic idea of the songs now.

I was accepted to the affiliate program for La Cense grass fed beef, which is something I can get behind for a lot of reasons. My dad has a food sensitivity to beef, otherwise I think organic free range beef would make an awesome Father's Day gift.



1 Minute - A Small Cash Machine

Hi. It's Joe.

Star Wars 4 GB USB Flash DriveWell, I have figured out how to use the Internet to repeatedly and consistently convert $1 into $2.

What I have not figured out is how to scale this UP.

That is, how to make $1000 into $2000.

For example, today I generated $19 from $9, for a net $10 of free money.

I made this money passively using Google AdWords while I went off and did other things, like research grass fed beef and work on the local community supported agriculture farm.

This is totally legal and far more profitable (100% profit on investment in most cases) than any other investment out there. Even my best stock portfolio with my broker only generates about 30% net profit. I put money in in the morning, via the Internet, and in the evening it has about doubled. Once a month, my prior month's accumulated passive wealth gets direct deposited into my bank account. It's all legitimate Internet marketing stuff. CLICK HERE to learn more.

So that's all great. I like earning money while I sleep. But I'll be darned if I can't figure out how to scale this system up, so that I can actually make a decent income stream of this.

Patience, I suppose. Maybe I will have to get a book on it soon.