1 Minute - A Small Cash Machine

Hi. It's Joe.

Star Wars 4 GB USB Flash DriveWell, I have figured out how to use the Internet to repeatedly and consistently convert $1 into $2.

What I have not figured out is how to scale this UP.

That is, how to make $1000 into $2000.

For example, today I generated $19 from $9, for a net $10 of free money.

I made this money passively using Google AdWords while I went off and did other things, like research grass fed beef and work on the local community supported agriculture farm.

This is totally legal and far more profitable (100% profit on investment in most cases) than any other investment out there. Even my best stock portfolio with my broker only generates about 30% net profit. I put money in in the morning, via the Internet, and in the evening it has about doubled. Once a month, my prior month's accumulated passive wealth gets direct deposited into my bank account. It's all legitimate Internet marketing stuff. CLICK HERE to learn more.

So that's all great. I like earning money while I sleep. But I'll be darned if I can't figure out how to scale this system up, so that I can actually make a decent income stream of this.

Patience, I suppose. Maybe I will have to get a book on it soon.


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