10 Minutes - But I Really Only Have 3 Minutes

Hi. It's Joe.

I want to go on a bike ride in three (3) minutes. But I know I won't do my 10 minute blog post today unless I do it now. So I will really be going on a bike ride in about 15 minutes (allowing time to change into my bike shorts and pump the tires).

You want to know what I did today? I interviewed a source for a press release I am going to write over the weekend. I could have written it today, but I didn't feel like it.

You know what else I did? (Instead of writing the press release...)

I created a sales page for the Gentle Leader Head Collar I talked about a few posts ago. There was so much interest in it that I thought people would want a direct link to the best dog collar available. Check it out HERE and tell me what you think.

I had a nice talk with Tracy this afternoon. She told me she is road tripping to the California coast (from AZ) to relax on the beach with her friends and family. That sounds fun. Wisconsin is cool and it even has beaches, but it's not the same. Freshwater has a whole different "smell" about it. There is something about sea salt in the real ocean air that soothes the soul. Fresh water beaches just smell bad.

I have a GUPPY EFFECT show tonight. Like I said earlier, I am going to squeeze in a bike ride between now and then. Everyone thinks it is my birthday party at Bolt Inn tonight. It's not, but I wanted to bill it is a generic birthday party to get more people to come. I like rocking out at the Bolt Inn, but more importantly, they like us!

Well, my 10 minutes are about up, so have a great weekend and if you live anywhere near Fort Atkinson WI, I hope we see you at the GUPPY EFFECT show tonight. Of course, you won't get this until tomorrow probably, but if you are subscribed to www.guppyeffect.com, then you are "in the know."


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