10 Minutes - Fun On the Weekend

Hi. It's Joe.

You have probably noticed that I don't do my 10 minute blog posts on the weekends anymore.

I could. But the whole point of this blogging thing is to be able to write for 10 minutes each day and spend the rest of my time having fun, while the blog itself does the work of generating my income passively (just by having you read it...cool, huh?).

I like to write, but I also like to go do lots of other things on the weekends. Even my writing genius needs R&R. So I decided to let my blogs do all their money making magic on the weekends and I will do my 10 minute writing magic on weekdays, or when I feel like it.

So going forward you can generally (but not conclusively) expect the weekends to be free from my blog posts, and you will probably appreciate that, because I am sure you have lots of things to do on the weekends too besides read my blog.

Another thing you may notice is that this 10 minute blog post seems perhaps slightly shorter than most. That's partly because I am writing it by hand, old school, with a pen in my pocket journal. I write by hand much slower than I type. But that said, I also spend a lot of time in post-production with my online blogs, adding links to them that magically draw people to my blogs and earn me some money (albeit pennies) every time you click on one. So it's probably pretty close to a wash.

Although I give you access to this blog out of the kindness of my heart, because of my love and passion for writing and sharing my experiences with the world (and also to become a better writer, so that my forthcoming book will be awesome...), I also don't mind getting rewarded for my efforts, especially since it does not cost you a dime. The longer I can stay self-employed and stick it to THE MAN, the more time I can spend writing and creating for YOU.

So please click on links in this blog often (but only once per link).

Lastly, I am sorry for the delay in this particular post. It should have gone out Monday 6/7 around 1 PM, but BLOGGER was down for about 24 inexplicable hours and I could not type my post (which is why I was hand writing it in my journal...I don't mind hand writing stuff, it brings everything down to earth.).


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