10 Minutes - The Gentle Leader Head Collar for Dogs (it works!)

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Premier Gentle Leader Headcollar Black, SmallHi. It's Joe.

I took Buddy to the dog park today.

I use a "gentle leader" head collar with him.

Unlike a regular dog collar that just pulls on the dog's neck when it strains against the leash, the "gentle leader" collar controls the dog's head, and requires much less effort.

As I understand it, dogs are oriented by the direction of their head. They see or smell something and the head is the first thing that moves in the direction of the interesting sight or smell, then the body follows, often at a vigorous pace.

The "gentle leader" collar monopolizes on this instinctual nature of the dog's behavior. As you can see from the pic above (and if you CLICK ON IT you can learn a lot more...), the specialized dog collar goes around the dog's muzzle as well as it's neck.

The leash actually attaches to the muzzle portion, right under the chin, away from the neck.

So, when you (or the dog) "gently" (hence the name) tug on the leash, it orients the dogs head (not it's fairly immobile neck) toward YOU, instead of toward other things.

My dog Buddy doesn't have a clue (that's not him in the picture, I just like that picture). All he knows is that he is suddenly turning his head back toward me and away from whatever he was heading for. To him, it immediately re-orients him to me and I have 100% control of his mind (in a good way). I sound like Cesar Millan, dog whisperer. I wonder if Cesar endorses these.

I can literally hold the leash with my pinky and know that Buddy isn't going anywhere.

Even though he is frantic to get in the car and go to the dog park, he won't lunge ahead of the leash when I use the "gentle leader" because he knows by now he will just be denied. He waits until I say, "OK." And that is when I release the leash and let him jump into the car.

If you have a frisky dog, I highly recommend the "gentle leader" head collar for dogs, and not just because it's a great keyword phrase for search engines (266 searches daily and only 7,670 competing web pages).

It really works.

But the SEO factor IS the reason I am putting a link below where you can BUY a "gentle leader" head collar for your dog if you think it would be helpful. It is especially good for SMALL people with LARGE, ENERGETIC dogs. They come in all sizes.

I will say that my other dog, Ginger, who died a few years ago, didn't respond as well to the "gentle leader" head collar. She succumbed to it (is the best way to put it), but she was amazingly smart and she fought it with her reasoning capabilities every step of the way, trying to paw it off her nose.


Premier Gentle Leader Headcollar Black, Small Gentle Leader Headcollar

End leash-pulling forever! No more tug-of-wars or being dragged down the street. Controls your dog's unwanted behavior and makes going for walks fun again!

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