10 Minutes - Gosh, I Was Totally Lax Yesterday

Hi. It's Joe.

Yesterday, I actually was, for the first time in a while, too busy to do my 10 minute blog post.

I'm not backing away from my motto that there is always time to write for 10 minutes every day.

There surely were a few times yesterday when I could have slipped away from the pell mell pace of the day to write some random thoughts. I was just so focused on the next task at hand, that I never allowed myself to do it.

In the morning, a couple of my songwriting colleagues from the Nashville Songwriters Association International (Madison WI chapter) came over and we spent about four (4) hours recording, mixing, and mastering two (2) song demos written by one of the women, and sung by the other (amazing voice!). They were children's songs and they turned out really well.

If the songwriter gives me permission to do so, I will post a link here to listen to the demos. So check back in a day or two.

After that was done, I worked on some house cleaning, and tried to fix the vacuum cleaner. I think it was just clogged with fine dust particles. I cleaned the living crap out of it. Then it was time to load gear and head out to play an early GUPPY EFFECT show at Windwood Golf Club in Watertown WI. Golfers come off the green between 7:30 and 8, so they wanted us to perform 7:30 to about 10:30. I got there a little after 6 PM so as to take advantage of the free food they offered us. Stefan and Al got lost (they used GPS, I just looked at a map). The place was a bit hard to find, actually.

But we rocked it and they booked us a date to come back again (Thursday July 15). By the time I got home around midnight, I was really sleepy and crashed. I suppose I could have squeezed out a 10 minute blog post before bed, but it would have lacked quality as a result of my fatigue.

So aren't you glad I waited until today to do it? I promise to do a second one to catch up and stay true to my daily 10 minute blog posts (except weekends).

Tonight, Stefan and I are guesting on AM radio in Madison WI (AM 1670 WTDY - "Sound Lounge" with the Wisconsin Guys, if you are interested). Then we head to Fort Atkinson WI to melt faces and blow minds at the Bolt Inn, a great fun little dive bar.

I still have to mow the lawn and I plan to get started on that today and finish it in the morning on Saturday (you are probably reading this on Saturday afternoon or later, if you get these via subscription - enter your e-mail upper right to subscribe to this site and get my short daily entertaining posts).

People Brothers Band plays Saturday night at Wiggie's in Madison WI.

I love rocking.


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