10 Minutes - The Grimy Goodness of Community Supported Agriculture

Hi. It's Joe.

I worked an extra shift at the CSA farm (community supported agriculture = fresh, local, organic produce) this morning, to make up for the week in July when I will be on RAGBRAI.

Thus, I have an extra box of awesome produce that I have no hope of eating myself before next week (when the next box arrives).

So if you live near Cambridge, WI (like say, Madison or Lake Mills WI) and you want it, how about $25 for it all?

The CSA box has a lot: 1 cuke, 1 zuke, 3 scallion, 3 parsnips, 6 radishes, 1 red lettuce, 1 romaine lettuce, 1/2 lb peas, bag spinach, and 2 kohlrabi. Plus, all the blackberries you can harvest off my BB bush in the front yard when you pick it up (Cambridge WI). The blackberries are exploding like gangbusters right now, and there are way more than I can put on my cereal in the morning.

$25 is about right, since a season is 12 weeks and costs $275 for a half share. Do the math, and that's about $23/weekly box, rounded up for simplicity. But I'll consider any offer so it does not go to waste.

It's a spring salad mix lover's dream. First come, first served. So help!!!

I have it in the fridge, so it's good for a few days yet. I'll be around this weekend.

I have PEOPLE BROTHERS BAND practice tonight at 6. I am going to catch two or three songs by my old band BABY ROCKET at the Nauti-Gal in Madison around 5:30 before I have to cruise to band practice.

Tomorrow I am going to write an article for Fort HealthCare that I would have had done today, except for difficulty reaching my sources by phone.

Speaking of health, did you happen to catch my blog post about cod liver oil and vitamin D yesterday? There's no obligation to read it, but I thought it was informative and might make your life better. In any case, my back linking duty is done here.

PEOPLE BROTHERS BAND is having a band meeting after band practice tonight. I suppose they want to talk about the future, since the band is becoming more successful and should probably develop more of a business model. The best business model would probably be a seven-member limited liability partnership, with one manager. That's basically how it operates "off the books" right now. There's a few added complications to putting it "on the books." For example, we will all have to keep track of our mileage for business related activities, and deduct this on our individual taxes. That's hard for some people to do. It took me three (3) years to get into the good habit of logging all business mileage for my songwriting business, Cactus Joe Productions LLC.

Another option is for one person to take over business operations for PEOPLE BROTHERS BAND as a sole proprietor or pass-through LLC, and treat the other band members as "contractors." But I don't fancy that approach, because it means someone will have to fill out six (6) W9s for each contracted band member and file a statement with the IRS.

No good can come of any of this.

I am increasingly geeked about Tracy coming back to Wisconsin. She isn't sure if she will live with me again, but I sure hope she does. In any case, I will support her 169% whatever she chooses to do. I am so giddy about our cross country road trip in early September. I get to write another road trip song, this time about a road trip FROM Arizona. Sweeeeeet!


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