10 Minutes - I Edumacated Myself Today

Hi. It's Joe.

One of my right-wing nutbar friends has been spouting random nonsense about how we have to drill domestically for oil. So incomprehensible was he that I decided to do a little research on U.S. oil production and consumption myself.

It's amazing what just a little bit of homework can uncover. I have posted about my findings on the RED STAPLER BRIGADE blog - "OIL."

I am now convinced more than ever that most Americans are completely in the dark and will be responsible for their own doom, just for the simple fact of not doing a goddam thing to educate themselves.

Since I fired my boss in 2008, I've discovered a lot of important things that never occurred to me when I was being subjected to the brain drain (and life force suckage) of corporate America. I can now say with certainty that my ex-boss's refusal to let me telecommute and save on gas (and stress) has contributed in some small part to the Gulf oil spill orchestrated by BP. Therefore, he has blood and oil on his hands, as far as I am concerned. Of course, his cruel experiments on small furry animals far outweighs his contribution to faraway oil disasters, in terms of insensitivity and sheer diabolical evil.

Working on the CSA farm, I realize how important it is to buy food locally and not contribute to fossil fuel consumption buy eating food that has to cross thousands of miles to get to me. I really want to start reading "Omnivore's Dilemma" and "Food Politics again.

I think if everybody just made small, obtainable changes to shrink their ecological footprint, it would help a lot. For me, it is eating whole foods and buying local food.

I also drive a hybrid and I bike places instead of driving sometimes. I keep the thermostat on 80 in the summer, to cut down on air conditioner use. In the winter, I turn the thermostat down to 60 when I am out of the house. What is the point of heating an empty house, even a well-insulated one like mine?

Someday, when I am independently wealthy, I am going to eco-rehab my house, put some solar panels on the roof, etc. My roof angles to the south, so it is really perfect for solarizing.

You can help me reach my goal - just buy me a coffee and contribute to my energy efficient future. Ironically, your supporting me is actually supporting a better environment for everyone. So if you buy me a coffee, you support my eco-friendly efforts, even if that is your sole contribution to shrinking your own ecological footprint (vicariously through me...).

Did you like that logic? I did.

That is what my beautiful girl Tracy would call "Joe-gic." That is short for Joe Logic.

Tracy is coming back to Wisconsin from Arizona. I'm excited for that, although Arizona does seem much cooler than WI. Not "literally" cooler. But then again, there are scorpions there...


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