10 Minutes - I Have a Habit of Eating Healthy, But My Food Pyramid is a House of Cards

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Hi. It's Joe.

Compared with most people, I do practice healthy eating. Like, when I am at the checkout line at Piggly Wiggly, I can plainly see that my pile of fruits, vegetables, nuts, 100% juice, tofu, etc. easily trumps the nutrient-deprived potato chips, soda, donuts, TV dinners, frozen pizzas, and mac and cheese being purchased by the people before and after me in line. (NOTE: Yeah, I am that guy...the one with all the veggies that each have to be weighed at checkout. Sorry, but my nutritional health rushes for no one.)

But then sometimes I feel like I am not eating healthy enough. Like when I got home from my rock-n-roll show last night and made popcorn. I do buy raw popcorn and make it myself using olive oil (microwave popcorn has been directly linked to lung disease - CLICK HERE FOR REFERENCE), but it still seems kind of unhealthy, because you are heating up the oil and it gets on the popcorn, plus you have to salt it.

I generally don't eat meat. But I am not a vegetarian, because sometimes I do eat meat. When I eat meat, I try to do so in an ecologically friendly manner. I like my meat to be as natural as possible, chemical free and made (grown) naturally and locally (so as to cut down on fossil fuels used in transportation).

Steakburger PattySteakburger Patty

Yum...made from "naturally occurring" (grass fed) cows.

Living in S.E. Wisconsin, it is possible to buy meat locally, and sometimes it is even naturally produced (no chemicals). Organic meat is available in Madison WI, at the way over-priced food co-ops and health food stores. Sometimes it shows up at the Madison WI farmer's market for a decent price. That's probably because a lot of middle men are cut out between the farm and the farmer's market.

I do eat tons of vegetables. For two years in a row, I have joined a local community supported agriculture farm very close to my house. I can even bike to it in minutes. In exchange for working on the farm about three (3) hours per week, I get a crate full of veggies and fruit every week for the whole summer FREE. As a result, I eat a lots of fruits and vegetables and so I definitely get my recommended daily allowance there.

I'm not sure if the junky foods I sometimes eat are compensated for by the healthy ones. People say everything in moderation, but some things don't fit that rule. For example, even one cigarette has been shown to cause irreversible lung damage - CLICK HERE FOR REFERENCE.

I am thinking one large order of French fries from Mickey D's probably Fs up your arteries irreversibly a little too. Then again, I have heard that exercising before eating fatty foods decreases the negative effects of those fatty foods. So as long as I go for a run before I eat junk food, it is OK?

I dunno. But I think that's enough back linking for today. I thank you for reading and helping to strengthen the neural connections within the Internet brain between YOU and ME.


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