10 Minutes - I Shall Believe Sheryl Crow Wants Me + Toure de France and WorldCup Schedule (trust me, it all makes sense below...)

Hi. It's Joe.

I don't follow sports. That includes the WorldCup (or is it World Cup?).

However, if I were going to transiently follow a sporting event, it would be something like the WorldCup. Something that happens infrequently, which makes it seem a little more special.

I never understood blowing every Sunday and/or Monday night to watch American football every single week. How sad is your life when that's the highlight of your week? I don't mean to put anyone down, but you only live once and do you have to watch football EVERY week? It's not like it ever changes. Dudes clobber each other and one side wins, and you get drunk and yell a lot. There must be more to life than that, and I can assure you there is...

The Tour de France is another one, along with the Olympics, that I will transiently watch when it is convenient. The Tour de France is coming up in July, I think. Did I hear that Lance Armstrong might ride it again? See, now that's SPECIAL. That's UNIQUE. And I can get behind something like that.

I can't get behind Brett Favre's most recent weekly, almost daily dramas. But when a guy like Lance Armstrong gets testicular cancer that spreads to his lungs and brain, beats it, and goes on to win the Tour de France seven (7) straight times, that's cool.

Sure, he's on steroids. I have it from a firsthand source that all the lead Tour de France cyclists dope. You can't win without them, because the competition is all on them. I sat next to a high profile bicycle racer on a plane. He told me that he did not do steroids and the best he could ever hope for was about 10th place in a race because the dopers dominate the sport.

Nonetheless, even if the steroids are what gave Lance Armstrong testicular cancer in the first place, and even if he did dump awesome Sheryl Crow as his girlfriend, I still think it takes a strong person to go through what he went through, and I'll glance at the TV screen every so often during the Tour de France for updates.

But what I won't do is obsess about it. It will be backburner stuff, as will the WorldCup (or World Cup...).

Speaking of Sheryl Crow, I had to laugh when I recently joined her fansite on the Web and received this message - "Congratulations! Your email address has been validated. Click here to enter Sheryl Crow." Fabulous!

My response can only be, "All I want to do is Sheryl Crow."

I've decided that I would like to date Sheryl Crow and I humbly submit myself as a suitor. I have a soft spot in my heart for chick rockers, and as a songwriter and performing musician and up and coming rock star, I think we would be a good match.

But again, this is a back burner thing. I'm not obsessing on it and I have better things to do than pursue a long shot like that.

But let's just say I am putting that in the POSITIVE THINKING hopper and we'll see how well it pays off. The great thing about POSITIVE THINKING is that it works while you do other stuff. Kind of like Internet Marketing to make money. You set it and forget it, and then all of a sudden it pays off.


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