10 Minutes - I Think I Am Synching With the Internet Brain

Hi. It's Joe.

The purpose of this blog is to basically allow me to integrate my consciousness with that of the Internet, by way of connecting my thoughts to all of your minds (if you are reading this, and you surely are...).

If a blog post falls to the Internet and there is no one there to read it, does it still expand the universal consciousness?

It's late...

I probably shouldn't be writing right now.

Anyway, today was fairly lackluster for the most part. I watched a movie about Jimi Hendrix that wasn't especially good (not the one above, which is VERY good...). It was like an after school special about the legendary guitarist.

I realize Jimi Hendrix's life is sensationalized. He was a pretty regular guy, outside of his amazing guitar chops. He had the same foibles and succumbed to the same weaknesses as most other rockers of that era. He had a fairly good middle class upbringing. He was fairly successful as a performing musician from the get go, not like he was destitute at all (like Dylan). His death was a shame, but he lives on in his music. I feel bad that more people didn't care about him. They only saw him as a money maker. I would say that predominantly led to his death, because the stress of the business of music made him sick and he turned to self-medication to cope. If he was alive today, I think he'd still be rocking it. Or maybe he would be disgusted with the music biz. Because it sucks. He was disgusted with it back then, and it is only worse today.

Stefan came over around 7:30 and we hashed out about 10 new songs, acoustically, including "Creep" by Radiohead. We still have to work everything out with the drummer, but at least we have the basic idea of the songs now.

I was accepted to the affiliate program for La Cense grass fed beef, which is something I can get behind for a lot of reasons. My dad has a food sensitivity to beef, otherwise I think organic free range beef would make an awesome Father's Day gift.


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