10 Minutes - Note to Self: "Always Recycle Musician's Friend GUITAR BUYER'S GUIDE Issue Immediately Upon Receipt..."

Hi. It's Joe.

Why do I do it?

When the GUITAR BUYER'S GUIDE from Musician's Friend comes in the mail, I know full well it should go straight from the mailbox to the recycle bin without passing GO and collecting $200 from my bank account.

But it's like I'm powerless. On a few occasions I have been able to muster the will power to toss the shiny, candy-like screed in with the old phone books and my roommates "mountain" of Dew cans. But rarely...

Usually, I page right to the bass guitars and wistfully gaze at all the basses I don't own, but want.

Breedlove Atlas Series Solo BJ350/CM4 Fretless Acoustic-Electric Bass Guitar Natural Breedlove Atlas Solo BJ350/CM4 Fretless Acoustic-Electric Bass - Natural

I have plenty of basses. I have no unmet need for bass guitar either. Most of the music I write and perform is easliy handled by the four (4) or five (5) basses I currently have. These include:

The Washburn Taurus 5-String Bass - my main workhorse.

A custom Carvin 6-String Fretless Bass - for those rare funkified breakdown jams.

A Dean Acoustic/Electric Bass - for living room jams and semi-acoustic rock shows.

An Upright Bass - for bluegrassy stuff and the occasional jazz standard.

A Fender Jazz Bass (American Issue) - for old school slap bass and when I just want to take it easy with four (4) strings instead of five (5).

I probably have another bass or two floating around that I have forgotten about.

Anyway, even with all my current bass guitars, I was still drawn to the Breedlove Atlas Solo Fretless Acoustic/Electric Bass (shown above) and were it not for an extreme shortage of cash, I would seriously consider buying it.

While I have the Dean acoustic/electric bass mentioned above, it's a rather crappy instrument, and it isn't fretless. I got it mainly as a beater so I could accompany the many guitarists I know during acoustic jams. It has come in handy for many a Farmer's Market busking experience, but I could do a lot more in the acoustic bass mileu I think, if I had the Breedlove Atlas Solo.


Palatino VE-550 Electric Upright Bass SunburstThen, for a long time I have had my eye on the Palatino Electric Upright Bass in sunburst finish. That's a pic of it on the right. Click on it to see a larger image.

I don't have any idea why I want this bass. I suck at standup bass, and rarely even play the old school authentic one that I have. I suppose if I had a beauty like this though, I'd practice it all the time and be a master acoustic bass player in a very short while. At least, that is what I tell myself.

In any case, it doesn't change the fact that this is all wishful thinking until I achieve my goal of independent wealth. I am working on it, and the more you read my blogs, the closer I get, so THANK YOU!

If you feel I am a worthy enough bass player to deserve one of these fine instruments, buy me a coffee, and I will divert the donation into a fund aimed at getting my hands on one of these. Or maybe this...

Schecter Riot-5 Maple Burl 5-String Electric Bass Guitar NaturalĀ¹ Schecter Riot-5 Maple Burl 5-String Electric Bass Guitar - Natural


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