10 Minutes - Part Time Jobs With Non-Profits

Hi. It's Joe.

Feel free to buy me a coffee today. I could really use one.

Yesterday, I applied for a part-time job as a communications specialist with a single issue non-profit organization I feel really passionate about - SmokeFree Wisconsin.

I am a musician and songwriter. My indie rock band, GUPPY EFFECT, and my classic rock jam band, PEOPLE BROTHERS BAND, are often contracted to perform at live music venues. Outside of Madison WI (tree hugging hippie liberals...), this usually means subjecting myself to lots and lots of second hand smoke exhaled from the lungs of some really not so pretty people. I don't like it.

If I want to be self-employed and make a living without a job, I have to take any and all gigs that come my way. I much prefer to play in Madison to avoid toxic second-hand smoke. But you can only play in Madison so much. A good rock band has to get out into the provinces to play for the masses so they can get a good following and not oversaturate the home market. Plus, I have to be honest with you, Madison WI people are pretty lame about getting out to hear good live music.

I haven't figured that one out yet, but regardless, being in the music business I have to respond to market forces. And it is the provincial folk that really appreciate an energetic rock-n-roll band, like either GUPPY EFFECT or PEOPLE BROTHERS BAND. And this means having to play in venues where smoking is allowed indoors (no one ever said dumb people can't enjoy good rock-n-roll).

So I am really glad Wisconsin has decided to join the educated, health conscious, civilized world and go smoke free at any and all venues where workers and contractors are employed. I think it is fortuitous that this part-time job with SmokeFree Wisconsin fell in my lap (Thanks, Sherry!). The date for Wisconsin to go smoke free is July 5. I guess the pro-smoking lobbyists (mainly the irritating Tavern League) convinced their government lackies not to institute the new law before "Independence Day." They want to make sure all those independent people are free to poison themselves and others one last time before the law kicks in.

I wonder how many people will get cancer or heart disease between now and then.

Thanks a lot Tavern League, you ass-munchers.


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