2 Minutes - Father's Day Gift Ideas: Father's Day Poems

Hi. It's Joe.

I don't like commercialism.

I do love my father though.

Don't you think writing a Father's Day poem is a great Father's Day gift idea?

What could be more heart felt?

You could even write the poem on a Father's Day card, thus killing two birds with one stone.

Today is my dad's birthday. Both my mom and dad are coming out to visit me this weekend. We are going to do a combined Mother's Day, Father's Day, and Dad's Birthday all at one time.

For my mom, I am going to help her learn to use an Apple iPod Touch that she got but hasn't yet used.

I'm going to write my dad a Father's Day poem, but also take him out for a nice meal someplace.

Having my parents come visit seems more like a gift for ME than for them. I am going to make sure they have a great time here.



Sherry said...

Wow, that's awesome!

Also, it's my Mom's birthday today, too! June 4 rocks, eh?!!

Joe said...

Yeah it does!

I think having my dad see the '64 Buick will be great fun.

Maybe Sunday morning brunch?

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