30 Minutes - Disaster Capitalism and Karmic Return

Hi. It's Joe.

I hope the ad banners for 250 free business cards on this newly re-designed page are not too annoying (OK, back link accomplished).

I believe in full transparency. The whole point of this experiment is to test whether a guy (ME) can connect with the world (YOU) for 10 Minutes each day and make it profitable (BOTH). The primary goal is karmic connections, but these are multi-faceted.

As I go about giving a "snapshot" of my life to my readers, theoretically expanding the overall cosmic consciousness in very small increments, I occasionally refer to things I dig and that I think others may find useful. I share those, and if it fulfills a need for someone else, everyone wins.

Making money is a secondary "perk" that allows me to continue to be a self-employed free agent in the universe and stick it to THE MAN as much as possible. As you can see, this is also a form of KARMIC RETURN, because sticking it to THE MAN, even in very small increments, helps humanity.

In summary, I would rather do good than make money. But if I can do both, then this experiment can keep on keeping on.

I recently wrote a post about the effective and dog-friendly "Gentle Leader" head collar and posted a link to it on FACEBOOK. It generated much discussion and one woman expressed a lot of interest in getting one for her rambunctious dog.

In my post about the "Gentle Leader" I provided a link to the ONLY NATURAL PET STORE, an ethical vendor I endorse and have an "affiliate" account with. This means, if I direct traffic to their site and someone buys something, a small commission is given to me for sending people their way. It doesn't affect the buyer's prices at all. In fact, in the long term it probably lowers the prices because "affiliate marketing," as it is called, helps vendors to lower their advertising costs (essentially, people like me are advertising for them).

The woman on FACEBOOK wanted to get a "Gentle Leader" collar for her dog.

It just so happened that a few years back my dog Ginger died. She was a rambunctious firebrand of a dog, and very excitable outside. Regular choke chains just didn't cut it with her. She would rather asphyxiate pulling at the leash than heed it. So I had bought a medium-sized "Gentle Leader" head collar to control her, and it worked like a charm. After she died, I kept the head collar on a hook in the garage because it was too small for my other dog Buddy, who already has his own large "Gentle Leader".

So this woman on FACEBOOK told me her uncontrollable dog was about 40 pounds, and that was exactly the size Ginger was. I asked her if she would like me to send her Ginger's old "Gentle Leader", since I no longer needed it.

She was overjoyed and offered to pay the postage. But I didn't even care about that. Being able to do a good deed for someone was priceless to me. That's where I am at with all this.

People seem to put a stigma on it when there is MONEY involved. But the affiliate links I put on my blogs are meant to be a resource. I put way more effort into them than I will ever hope to recoup in affiliate commissions from the vendors whose products I endorse. But if someone does find something they need that they would not otherwise have known about, thanks to me, then I am happy, and I don't mind getting a few cents here and there for the effort. But it is secondary.

That is what KARMIC RETURN is all about. I try to spread positivity and wholesome goodness via my blogs and my writing (which I am pretty good at...you are still reading aren't you?). I believe this good will will repay me in good fortune. It might be a few cents in affiliate commissions, or it might be landing a gig for my band.

The UNIVERSE works in strange ways.

My altruism goes beyond this blog too.

For example, with the recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, I happen to know that a lot of commercial seafood is now totally F'd from the Gulf all the way up the eastern seaboard.

However, it will still be sold in stores because the multinational food companies do not give a damn about food safety or human health (only profits) and they can easily skirt food safety regulations.

Seafood is one of the few remaining sources of omega-3 fatty acids, which humans require for good health and the prevention of chronic diseases - the ancestral diet of humans was very high in omega-3 fatty acids, whereas they are virtually non-existent in the Standard American Diet (SAD).

Realizing that my main dietary source for omega-3s (fish) would soon be getting very scarce, I bought myself a large-assed bottle of Carlson's Norwegian Salmon Oil, made from fish found only in the deep and (for a short while longer) unpolluted waters of Norway. This will be my main source of omega-3 fatty acids during the oil spill crisis and its aftermath. When it runs out, I will turn to the only other viable dietary source of omega-3 fatty acids, flaxseed oil.

Flaxseed oil isn't as biologically compatible as fish oil is, but it will do during the dearth of edible fish for the next (probably) ten years.

Anyway, I posted on FACEBOOK that I had bought a pantload of fish oil and my reasons why (as per above), and then I encouraged my friends (who don't all have the experience and knowledge I do from working for eight years in R&D at a nutritional supplement company...) to find some viable omega-3 sources for themselves during the "fish famine."

I don't know if my friends will heed my call. I can only lead a horse to water and share what I know with people. Skepticism is a great thing, and I strongly encourage everyone to question authority. But sometimes authority speaks truth, and when people realize this for themselves, they should behave accordingly.

If people I shared that with think it is just fear mongering and disaster capitalism on my part to make a profit, they may reject my information out of hand, simply because I provided a link to where people could buy this fish oil via my VITAMIN STORE, the Vitamin Fun House.

You can thank George Bush and Dick Cheney for that, because their diabolically evil brand of disaster capitalism in the first eight years of this millenium (the same eight years I was working in R&D at the vitamin company) filled everyone with distrust and put a bad taste in everyone's mouth. So now, even the opportunists who are trying to do good in the world, like me, get a bad rap sometimes.

I don't know what to do about that. But if you trust my good intentions, SUBSCRIBE TO THIS BLOG and be a part of my GOOD KARMIC EXPERIMENT.

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