10 Minutes - "Becca" in the Top 20 Songs This Week (10% Off!)

Hi. It's Joe.

DOWNLOAD "BECCA" by GUPPY EFFECT - one of the top 20 songs this week.


"Becca" by GUPPY EFFECT is downloadable for just $0.89 - 10% off the usual download price.

This is an experiment in direct Internet marketing of my band's music.

You see, I did a little research and it turns out there are almost 600 searches each day for the keyword phrase "top 20 songs this week." Plus, there are only about 2,500 total web pages that contain this phrase, and only 214 (or 215 as soon as I post this) web pages with "top 20 songs this week" in the title.

So it is kind of like a self-fulfilling prophecy. People will search for "top 20 songs this week" in Google or some other search engine, and this post will very likely appear on the first page of results returned, if all goes well.

Then people will click through to the song, preview it for free, love it, and subsequently download it. In a very short time, the song "Becca" will become one of the top 20 songs this week, validating this experiment.

Isn't that transcendent? It's clever too.

If it works...

Try it for yourself. Go to Google and search "top 20 songs this week" in quotes into the search bar.

Did it work? I sure hope so.

(Editor's Note Post Facto: Actually, after I published this blog post, I went to Google and found that this post does indeed rank 7th on the first page of Google results returned for "top 20 songs this week." Yea!)

Even if we make it into the top 40 songs this week, that would be fine. Besides, even if we aren't on the Billboard Top 40 songs this week, we might still end up on somebody's top 40 or top 20 songs. And really, isn't that what it is all about, getting our songs into the hands of the people who WANT our brand of high energy rock-n-roll?

GUPPY EFFECT rocked RockFest in Delavan WI today. It was great fun. We were by far the awesomest band there. Not that the other bands weren't good, but our mantra is "Thrice the rocking power of other name bands," and we are true to that.

I've noticed that many local bands have tried so hard to standardize their sound to the mainstream sound they think audiences are looking for that they have become totally generic and sterile. One thing GUPPY EFFECT will never be is generic and sterile. Everything we play has a unique, raw sound, and it is different every time we play it. It's also always evolving, not toward some bland, candy-like pop, but in expansive new ways, whatever that means. I guess it means you will never hear the same GUPPY EFFECT show twice.

What is the point of completely neutralizing your creativity to meet some arbitrary standard sound you think everyone is looking for. It takes all the fun right out of the music.

So anyway, go DOWNLOAD "BECCA" by GUPPY EFFECT right now, and help us put it in the top 20 songs this week.

Power to the People.


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